I left to go get my wax this morning around 8:15am.  At 8:40am I received this picture from Drew.  A SUPER BLOW OUT! As he called it, “A super siayan sh*t”. My mouth dropped.  No No No. Not on my new sheets!! I couldn’t even think straight after seeing this LOL.  She is looking back like, “UH OH”.

If anyone has ever had to clean baby poop off of clothes, you know it is not an easy task.  Baby poop stains are something serious.  We used Oxy Clean Laundry spray to remove the stains off the mattress pad and baking soda.  We threw the sheets in the washing machine with Dreft and some bleach. Worked like a charm!

This picture is classic.  It will be hilarious to look back at when she is older.

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