Hey guys! My girlfran, Destiney (@momcrushmonday) and her partner Leslie (@leslielately_) just launched their business, Majoring in Motherhood, and it is the ish! I am an ambassador for MIM!!! It is all about helping women achieve their personal/business goals.  If this doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will. Click here to check out the site and join.  You can join and have access to so many valuable resources and connections for only $10 a month.  You do not have to be a mother to join this awesome network.

Scroll down to see what Destiney and Leslie have to say about Majoring in Motherhood!

Majoring in Motherhood is a members-only business network focused on helping you dominate your personal business goals, without having to sacrifice the other important parts of your life.

If you are a woman who is interested in growing her business, blog, social media presence, or any other business goal; Majoring in Motherhood is the business-network for you. We offer resources, support, and access to professionals in different fields to help you find your way in your goals. You do not have to be a mother to be part of our community; in fact, you don’t even have to want to be a mother (in the traditional sense) to be part of this community. Think of the word ‘mother’ as all encompassing. To give birth to new ideas, new standards, and a world that you define for yourself.
Majoring in Motherhood is about helping you dominate womanhood as a whole. Business, motherhood (or not), personal growth – whatever standards YOU set for yourself, to say, “If I achieve these things, I will live a good life,” we are here to help you achieve. MIM represents a community where women can grow and learn from each other. Strong, ambitious, fearless in our pursuit of our future.
We are molding our own lives, not trying to fill a mold someone has deemed appropriate for us. If you are a woman looking to learn, grow, and share your own knowledge; then we encourage you to become a part of this community.


-You have business goals, but you aren’t sure how to achieve them
-You want to network with other smart, determined women
-You are a woman who supports other women, and wants to see us all succeed
-You want to learn tips and tricks to growing your social media organically
-You want to be a part of a group to help keep you accountable and motivated
-You are a mother, and you want to get into the business world too, without sacrificing your priorities as a parent
-You are a business professional, but you want know how to transition into motherhood without sacrificing your business goals at the same time
-You are a business woman, and a mother, but you neglect your personal needs and growth


-A welcome letter + discounts to shops we have partnered with
-Full Access to our private Facebook page which will host live workshops and you will receive all materials associated with each session. You’ll be able to ask the experts your questions directly.
-Topics will cover topics such as: building a business, parenting while working to achieve your goals, how to negotiate contracts or deals, building your brand on social media, product photography, business law, finance, ect.
-Instant access to past workshops and workshop materials
-Regular chances to win swag boxes for being active in the group
-Access to a network of women dominating their fields, all available and willing to share their wealth of knowledge to help each other grow
-Discounts on Majoring in Motherhood products
-Free access to live networking events
-Discounts on Majoring in Motherhood getaways
-Invitations to member-only Thank You events

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