Y’all heard of Murphy’s Law, right? Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Well Murphy and I had a date the other day lol 🙁

So, the day started off so smooth and normal like any other day. AnnDrew has a casting and we were heading into the city. We got in the car and weren’t in the car for a full 15 minutes when I heard a spit up noise.  I started to put my foot on the brakes so I can slow down and make sure I was hearing what I thought I was hearing. Yep! She was spitting up the breastmilk she just ate before we left the house. I start to hear her really spitting up and I’m thinking “Whyyyy!!?” I pulled over on the side of the road to see her smiling and covered in breastmilk – soaked! I took her out of the car seat and grabbed the baby bag to get her a change of clothes. Of course, I never replaced her spare change of clothes. I wanted to scream. Keep in mind, I’m still pulled over to the side of the road so I’m trying to maneuver in the back of the car *smacks forehead*. When I went to take her sweater off, I noticed an orange looking stain on her white shirt and I started smh because I already knew that stain – Poop! She had also blown up her diaper and it leaked out the side.  Omg omg omg! So not only did she soak her clothes with breastmilk, she had a diaper blowout and I had no spare change of clothes. I was too far to go back home and didn’t have enough time to go and grab her a new outfit. Here is where I got creative lol

I took off her onesie and pants. I doused them in water and rung out the water. I turned the window defroster temp up to HELL and laid the clothes up there. Maaaaaan, it was like putting the clothes in the dryer LOL. Those clothes dried so fast! I took some lotion I had in my purse and rubbed it in between my hands to make the white color get rubbed in then I wiped my hands on her clothes to give them a nice smell. After I did that, I threw them back in “the dryer” and Viola!!! By the time we got to the casting, they were like brand new and smelled good! I did have an extra sweater for her, so I threw that on her and we were on our way! After the casting as over, I felt so relieved. Being a mom definitely forces you to be innovative if you already weren’t.

Guess what I did once I got home — put a new set of spare clothes in the bag and in the car LOL

Comment and let me know how you guys had to get creative in a time crunch 😉


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