People ask me all the time what I put in my daughter’s hair. Nada, hunty, nada. Her hair is very soft and full of curls and I like to let her hair be natural and do what it wants.  Occasionally, I do it in a style and when I need it to stay I will use Shea Moisture curling smoothie. But those are just on days I feel like experimenting with it 😉

When I was younger, my mom left my hair out in its natural state a lot, just how I leave my daughter’s hair. I was never a fan of using the Bo-bo’s and tight ponytails in little girls hair (no offense if you do, just not my thing).  Little girls hair should be styled as just that — like a little girl.  If I put her hair up, I make sure it isn’t too tight so I don’t apply too much pressure to her roots.  After all, she hasn’t even hit the 1 year old mark yet.  Can’t have her being a small head bald head from the rip Lol. Since her hair is so soft, I use the small Goody rubber bands to hold her hair.  They come in black and clear. When I leave her hair out, I love to put bows or headbands with bows in it.  I think it’s such a sweet classic look.

Check out some of the styles I’ve done on my daughters hair so far.  Theyyyy nottt all that fancyyy, so don’t judge lol.

Sidebar- she does not usually sit still when I do these styles.  I have to put something in front of her to distract her. Moms, get their favorite book, toy or show and have it handy for those little movers.

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