Remember when you were younger and making a tie dye shirt was sooo cool!? I definitely do. I remember we had one of those spinning tie dye machines, the paints and a million rubber bands to make the pattern. Ahh, nostalgic! BUT I can’t believe tie dye has made a comeback.  Actually what am I saying man… everything makes a comeback. It’s the kind of thing you either love or hate, there is no being neutral in this case.

Well girlll I am feeling these cute tie dye rompers and dresses. A lot of brands are resurfacing the 1990s as the latest trend.  Some brands, such as Off-White, Preen by Thornton Bregazzi and Toga showcased tie-dye in many, many palettes of colors. Since the trend hasn’t all the way boomed yet and it is still fairly new, this is a good time to decide what side you’re on — are you IN or OUT?

Check out my favorite tie dye romper and dress and some other cute options you can shop!

Tie Dye trend - InDrewsShoes.comTie Dye trend - Tie Dye trend - InDrewsShoes.comtie dye trend -

What did you decide?  Are you IN or OUT?


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