This Monday is my birthday!!! YAY!! We (The Unit) are going to Anguilla and some other surrounding islands to celebrate the day this Queen was born lol. Guess who is also coming with us….AnnDrew! She has traveled a lot with us so I’ve mastered traveling with her. The first time she traveled with us, I like most moms overpacked. Big Time.  Now, I got this.  I made a quick list of the absolute must haves I use when traveling with the baby. The picture links are clickable and will take you right to the site for purchase. 😉

  • I must have my nursing cover, so I can breast feed her on take off and landing. Can’t have everyone seeing my tatas. Cover em up ladies!! They aren’t paying you for a free show lol. The sucking prevents her ears from popping. You know uncomfortable the pressure can make your ears feel, so imagine the pain a baby must feel.
  • I gotsta have some puffs!! If you don’t know, listen to me when I tell you these things are magical. If she decides she wants to be fussy, just pop one in her mouth and Viola…silence lol but only for about 3-4 seconds. They are great for when you are waiting to board your flight and while waiting for the plane to take off. Good thing the serving size is 67 or something like that. Babies LOVE puffs (I tear these things up).
  • I always carry hand sanitizer and I carry an organic one for the baby.  They somehow manage to touch everything in a matter of seconds and the airport is full of germs so sanitizer is a must.
  • I keep a blanket for the baby just in case it’s cold on the plane.
  • Depending on where I am going, I will bring either the Bjorn baby carrier or the stroller. The GB Qbit stroller is the one we use for traveling. This stroller is awesome because I am able to fold it down with one hand and it fits in the overhead compartment on the plane. I like to carry the baby in the Bjorn through the airport because I have my hands free. It’s a win win, because she likes to be carried and I can still do what I need to do. She usually falls asleep while walking through the airport which is great.
  • One thing I haven’t used but I saw others mom using, is the travel cot for the plane.  This is great for long flights. As much as we love our babies, you really don’t want to hold them the entire flight.
  • Last but not least the for real for real essentials that stay in the baby bag- lots of diapers, wipes, teething ring, A&D ointment to prevent irritation on the baby’s bottom, baby food, bibs, spoons, 2 change of clothes for baby and a changing pad to be able to change her diaper in public restrooms. I always keep a water bottle in there for me just in case I get thirsty.

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