We finally made it to the Museum of Ice Cream and it was as cute and fun as the pictures make it look! This museum has been sold out for months, but they opened tickets sales up for one day, so we snagged a few since we knew we were coming to LA.
We were so excited to go, so of course things started going wrong lol. Our flight was supposed to take off at 8am from JFK, but because of delays we didn’t end up leaving until 10:45am. To top it off, we were sitting on the plane all that time. AnnDrew kept jumping up to the guy behind us yelling “BOO!” 😂😂 He was laughing at first until she started spitting omg then it was game over! We started getting nervous because our ticket time was at 1:30pm and we weren’t supposed to land until 12:30pm. Mannnnn we didn’t land until 1pm. Once they let us off the plane, we were out!! We didn’t even want to wait for an uber, so we hopped in a taxi. Since we didn’t have time to go to our hotel, we had to change in the taxi lol! We finally got there and it was all good!
The museum has about 7 different rooms, all with different “exhibits”. The kids loved it and so did we. We really loved the sprinkle pool. I had sprinkles in places that sprinkles shouldn’t be. When we got back to our hotel, I took my pants off and sprinkles flew everywhere LOL! You get served different types of ice cream and candy as you make your way through the museum. It really is super cute and people of all ages can enjoy it!
The museum was our first stop while here in LA, so it started our trip off awesome. My RUN • WALK • CHAT event was taking place on 12/10/17, but we have just been having a ball. We went to our favorite restaurants, hung out with friends, went to the Grove, did some shopping on Rodeo Drive and just enjoyed ourselves!
Enjoy some pics below…
Pics taken by Diamond Surrell (LA Based Photographer that is awesome)

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