One question I get asked the most is how I got AnnDrew into modeling. Literally, I get asked at least once a day! Soooo, you want your kid to me a model eyyy? Well, I will share some tips and some knowledge I have gained from my experience to help. 😉

Once AnnDrew was 4 months old, we decided we were going to get her into modeling. We did a lot of research to find a good reputable agency. Here are a list of my top favorite reputable NYC agencies:

  • New York Models
  • Zuri Model and Talent
  • Generation Model Management
  • Wilhelmina
  • FunnyFace Today

There are obviously more agencies, but we see kids from these agencies the most when we go to castings.

Submission Process:

Once you find an agency that you feel you want your child to sign with, take a look at their submission process. What they want you to do is typically very easy. They will have you fill out a form online answering questions about your child (name, age, weight, height, where you live) and ask for clear photos.

TIPS: If they ask for 2 photos, send 2 photos. Don’t make any pic frame with a bunch of pics or send a million solo pics. If they see you can’t follow directions from the jump, you likely won’t get a call/email from them.

Old Pic I took of AnnDrew to update her pics


Interview Process:


If the agency likes your kid, they will email you back saying they are interested and want to schedule an interview. The interview will be very chill and your child will be able to be themselves and relax. It really is just to get a feel for your child’s personality, nothing formal. They are also really quick. If they really like you, they will tell you that you are in right there.

TIPS: Never pay money upfront. Reputable agencies don’t work like that and if they say you need to pay money, it is most likely a scam. That is one of the biggest signs they are scamming you. Reputable agencies will not take money until your child is booked for a job and they take their percentage (usually 20%).

Getting Casted:

Ok, so your kid is officially signed to an agency. Now its time to get casted! In order to continue to get casted, you must continue to submit recent clear photos of your child to the agency so they can submit them to the clients.  I take all of AnnDrew’s photos myself and I take new ones every 2-3 months. Baby’s looks change all the time, so its good to keep sending up to date pics. Here is where it gets difficult. We get notified of so many castings and I make sure I take her to all of them.  You never know what she will get, so I want her to have every opportunity.  Since I have my company and make my hours, it is easy for me to drop everything to take her.  Sometimes, we get notified the day before a casting which can be tough.  I tell people all the time, this is hard work! There is a lot involved in it. I know its great to see your kid in an ad, but to get to that point is taxing at times. A casting can be on a Monday, the fitting can be a week later and the shoot can be 4 days after that (just an example of how things are spread out and there are no set schedules).  We are going to these jobs 1-3 times a week, depending on the week. When you get the casting info, they may tell you to be available for/hold the following 10 days (just an example of a past experience).  A lot of times, you will be on standby.  If you have a 9-5 job, it may be tricky.

Castings are always full of kids and parents trying to keep their kid happy and smiling. When its your turn, you take your kid to see someone that represents the company, they ask their size and feel the kid out. After that, a photographer will take a few pictures and thats it. Next, you wait to hear if you got booked for the job.

It is exciting when your child gets booked for a job.  AnnDrew has been booked a lot and it makes you so proud.  She just did her second shoot for Children’s Place today. It is exciting but we always say if she decides she isn’t enjoying it as she gets older and doesn’t want to do it, we will stop.  It won’t be fun if your kid isn’t having fun!

TIPS: When submitting photos, they must be clear.  Your child needs to be facing the camera. Its good to get some variety in the expressions.  As far as dress, your child should not have anything in his/her hair, a solid colored onesie is perfect (I always put her in white). AnnDrew got booked for a Target job without even having to go to a casting. They booked her right off of her photo. Some agencies will tell you that you need to pay for updated pics. It is not necessary and may be a scam. There is no need to spend a fortune on pics for a baby because their look will change in a month. Simple at home snapshots are great.

The Fitting:

If you get the job, you must take your kid to the fitting to try on the outfit they will be wearing in the shoot. These are usually quick (about 30-45 min). They try on the outfit and then they take a picture of them and thats it.

Shoot Day:

The day of the shoot is fun and exciting. I get so hype on her shoot days.  They get to go into Baby Hair and Makeup and I think it is the cutest thing lol. They pamper these kids and its hilarious. AnnDrew got a hand and foot massage at her shoot earlier today lol. The kids get to see all of the other children and they always have fun.

That is it really.  I say the hardest part of it all is actually doing it. AnnDrew’s schedule is just as busy as mine now a day.  If you don’t have a flexible schedule where you can attend all of these multiple times a week, I will say it may be tough to do.

TIP: Google is your friend! So many people say they can’t find an agency. Honestly, if you type in “Modeling agencies in ______(insert your city), they will pop up. Once you make a list of them, begin your research.  If you live in a city near another city that has an agency, thats fine as long as you are able to commute to get the kid to the jobs.

If you have any other questions, ask away! 😉





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