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This post is all about summer 2022 nail trends.

Summer is all about wearing vibrant colors, mixing prints and wearing more exotic pieces. Along with all of the flyest summer fashion trends, don’t forget to check out some of the hottest summer 2022 nail trends.  Bomb nails are the icing on the cake because they are fun and an added accessory to a look. I imagine that nail techs will be booked and busy all summer long because the nail trends are coming in hot! Below are the hottest nail trends to try out this season. You will finish reading this blog post feeling inspired, okay? Okay! Let’s get into it! 

Modern French Manicure 

First things first, let’s start with a basic but not so basic trend, the traditional french manicure. The french manicure trend comes and goes but it’s a classic and the trend goes with any and everything that you might wear this summer. It’s of course not as busy and vibrant as other textures and nail designs, but a french manicure is great for the workplace and for a clean and classic look. They are minimal and professional, similar to painting your nails neutral colors that match with everything.

Also, the great thing about the french manicure trend is that you can do them for yourself in the comfort of your own home. Well, that is  if you have the patience and a steady hand to do so! Of course we all need extra TLC and love to be pampered at our favorite nail salon, but sometimes we have to knock it out and do our nails on our own. I know first hand that french manicures can definitely be done by yourself, but if your hand is not steady or you simply do not have the time to focus, don’t stress yourself, leave it for the pros to do!

The modern french manicure is slightly different from your traditional French manicure and is a lot more exotic! This manicure can be done with different stripe designs unlike the typical white stripe across the nail. Modern french manicures start from the sides of each nail towards the tip, resulting in the crisp white v-shape. If you are feeling fun, try your french manicure stripes with a color, a bright color for summer! 

Minimal Nail Art 

Minimal nail art may be the most fun and easiest design to add to your nails this season. Yet another trend that can be done on your own. All you have to do is add a small line or flower designs to different parts of your own nails by using a small nail tool. If that is too much for you to do, there are also little nail stickers that can get the job done. Lastly, minimal nail care is great for those who do not like vibrant and exotic designs that can sometimes be overwhelming. I put together some nail art stickers that you can use or take to your nail salon to be put on your nails. 

Get these here
Get these here
Get these here

Wavy Summer Nail Art 

Wavy summer nail art is such a fun vibe for the summer. Waves and squiggles are literally everywhere and can be found on sandals, dresses, fun crop tops and bathing suits. If you choose to try this trend this summer, they will definitely have you feeling all of the summer vibes and can be matched with other colors, outfits and accessories. Melanie actually tried this trend back in the fall, it looks like she was ahead of the game! Check out her wavy nail set, here.

However, if you want to keep your nails as the main focal point that is fine too. Simply wear more minimal styled pieces so that your nails will stand out! In the Swimsuit Trends for 2022 there are cute swimsuits that would pair well with wavy nails for your next vacation. Vacation is a great time to try different nail trends. Summer is a great time to try new things and to be free so why not start with fun nails! 

Bottega/Kelly Green Isn’t Going Anywhere 

If you thought the Bottega/Kelly Green trend had died down, it has not! It is still one of the hottest colors to wear and now the trend has moved to our nails, so we hope you aren’t too sick of the color yet because it’s a trend for the summer. The great part about the green nail trend is that the shade of green does not matter, you can choose any shade of green and still follow this trend. Also, the trend has been seen in nail designs and even through textured designs on nails.

Check out how Melanie’s nails turned out when she tried the Bottega green nail trend. Her nails were in a french manicure style with the stripe being green. Her nail tech is Tolani of @lani_nailedit, a Brooklyn, NY based nail tech. We are all about supporting black businesses over here, so if you are ever in the NY area be sure to check out her Instagram page and services. Let us tell you, her designs are beautiful. Melanie’s nails turned out bomb! If you are interested in using this nail design as your inspiration for your next design be sure to save her Instagram reel as reference for later! Check out more designs on her hashtag #mmnailfies.

Animal Print Designs 

Nail trends are turning things up a notch this year with animal print nail designs. This trend will definitely not be for everyone because  most of us can not imagine that animal print designs would match well with outfits you may have in mind this summer. For this trend, it would probably be best to try it out when you do not have other obligations and events to attend that require you to wear certain attire. As it may not work easily with different looks, the animal print trend is exotic and fun to try when you have an urge to try something “different.”

Mostly, this trend is done on top of neutral nail polish such as a soft creamy pink or nude color. You may want to try this trend over a modern french manicure look! Some of the popular animal print trends that have been seen on social media include zebra, leopard, snake and giraffe prints. 

It’s all in the Details 

Details really matter when it comes to our outfits, but we can’t forget about nail details too. Nail details are just as important, and detailed nail designs are a must this summer. The only downfall to detailed nail art is how long it takes for them to be painted, especially if you have a different design on each nail. However, once they are fully done-they look amazing and unique. The great part about detailed nail designs is that they can be unique to you and your personality.

A lot of nail techs like to freestyle designs as well, it’s like having creative freedom for both you and the nail tech. It is still important to of course have an idea of which nail design or look you are going for, simply because it can take a while to design each nail. Some popular designs that have been seen on social media include hearts, sparkles, abstract lines, faces and more! 

What detailed nail art designs will you try this season? 

Marble Designs 

Marble designs are fun and easy to create for yourself at home or to have them done at the salon. Nails look even more fun when each marble design is a different color. Here is how you can do the design on your own, by taking a few drops of different nail polishes to each nail and using a cuticle stick to swirl the paint on the nail. A toothpick can also be used instead of a cuticle stick to help create the marble swirls. Don’t forget your patience when getting marble designs, whether you are getting them done at the salon or doing them yourself.

The marble design process can be quite messy depending on how and where you would like the designs is all up to you. It takes time to get them just right! If you are a minimalist but would still like to try the marble trend, it can be done with neutral color nail polishes as well over clear or white nail polish. 

Hot Pink like Valentino 

Valentino pink is a hot and trendy nail color this summer. Pair your hot pink nails this season with some of our linked pieces in our Color Trends for 2022 blog post for the girliest looks! Hot pink screams all things girl, and we love it! Pinks are another powerful color that will help you tap into all of your feminine energy this year! Here are some more pink outfit inspiration from Melanie, to help you with pink outfit ideas. Will you rock pink nails and outfits this summer? 

Bright Nails 

Summer equals color, lots and lots of color. Bright nail polish is definitely on trend, and so fitting for those who enjoy experimenting with different colors. Wearing colors brings good energy, and wearing bright colors on your nails should instantly boost your mood because you will see them non-stop. Some people also enjoy wearing different colors on each nail as well. All of the recent blog posts on swimsuits and coverups would pair well with bright nails this season. 

Golden Nails 

Saving the best for last, the luxe nails. Gold nails and gold nail designs will definitely be trending this year. These unique french manicures are beautiful and pair well with gold jewelry and other accessories. They would look best with minimal colored outfits this season, especially linen beach looks with bright straw hats. If you aren’t into having your whole nail polished with foil polish, you can always opt for gold designs. You can always go for nude nails with gold designs such as stripes, stars or circles to add more razzle dazzle! 

Out of all of these summer nail trends, which one will you try first? 

This post was all about summer 2022 nail trends.

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