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Our baby lovesss to sleep in our bed.  When she was first born, she used to sleep on our chests to fall asleep.  The minute you put her in her own crib she cried. I’ve read a lot of websites that say co-sleeping is bad to do due to the risks it poses.  Im a very light sleeper so I knew I wouldn’t roll over on her.  I honestly didn’t care what the websites said. As long as I was able to get some sleep, I was all for it. AnnDrew wakes up twice during the night.  She eats and then goes back to sleep.  I know if she was in her own crib in her own room, she would wake up crying. Its so much easier.

A friend of mine said she started weening their daughter out of their bed at 3 months.  She told me she would swaddle her daughter before putting her to sleep, then put her in her bassinet.  Ok, cool! One day I decided to try and do that. EPIC FAILURE!!! First of all, AnnDrew hates to be swaddled. She especially hates to have her arms restrained. I tried the swaddle with her arms out as well. Still a failure LOL. One night I had the idea to swaddle her, then throw her on the nip quickly. SUCCESS. She got on that nip, then went right to sleep. I put her in her bassinet and we had the bed to ourselves FINALLY! She was 3 months when I had success with the bassinet.  I will admit, she has somehow ended up back in our bed, but we are able to get her in her bassinet if we need to.


Success on the left. Failure on the right.


She has taken over our bed
She thinks this is her bed
Her crib is so pretty, but she prefers to be with us

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