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We are all so busy and in order to get as much done as we can, multitasking is the name of the game. While multitasking is frowned upon, it works. I have so many tasks to accomplish on a daily basis plus having two kids – multitasking has become my middle name. Some people multitask because they don’t have much time to accomplish things. While others multitask to hurry up and get things done to free up their time in the long run. No matter your reason for multitasking, I wanted to share some examples of multitasking to make your days a bit easier.


Listen to podcasts or audiobooks while driving or take phone call meetings during a long drive.

Self-care masking while returning emails. Here are some really great sheet masks:

Get in a quick workout during commercials of your favorite show. You can also brush your teeth while doing squats.

Clean up while on long calls that don’t require much of your attention – preferably work calls where you are mostly listening.

Send emails during a meeting.

Share some of your multitasking hacks in the comments below!

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