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To Yoni or not to Yoni? That IS the question…

Recently, I was talking with a good friend of mine that just launched her new online shop, Love Tima Marie. Her site is very uplifting, inspirational and full of YONI EGGS!  For those unfamiliar, a Yoni egg is a semiprecious stone carved into an egg shape and polished to be worn inside the vagina. Say whaaaat! I know, it sounds crazy. However, it is an amazing tool and with the right training it can help the uterus, pelvis, and vagina to repair itself after you have given birth. After explaining what they are, Fatima convinced me to give it a try.  I must admit I was extremely reluctant to stick this up my [bleep], but I did it! It does seem a bit awkward at first, but then the awkwardness goes away and a sense of relaxation comes over you.

Her site offers 4 different options of eggs. The first option is the Nephrite Jade yoni egg which is meant to bring health, abundance, revitalization, success and joy.  The second is the Rose Quartz yoni egg which is meant to bring love, emotional healing, self-love, gentleness, fertility and release stress.  The third is the Rhodonite yoni egg which is meant to bring love, forgiveness, emotional healing, detoxification, talent and self discovery.  And last but not least, the Black Obsidian yoni egg which is meant to bring cleansing, grounding, protection, spirit communication, healing and renewal. I have the Nephrite Jade egg.

Of course, I did my own research on them and found that they are awesome postpartum tools.  After childbirth, many women feel that the vagina is stretched out. The feeling in the vagina can also decrease, which can lead to e.g reduced sexual pleasure. Yoni eggs are an amazing tool and with the right training it can help the uterus, pelvis, and vagina to repair itself after you have given birth. When you first start using your yoni egg after childbirth, even as little as five minutes practice each day will help you strengthen your sexual organs and make a huge difference. Many women testify how their training with yoni egg after childbirth has brought back their elasticity and sensitivity and even surpass the pre-birth state. Yoni egg is often experienced as a pleasant and relaxing tool for practice when many women experience soreness after childbirth. Her yoni eggs are made of a 100% rose quartz crystal, a natural material you can feel safe to use inside your body. I recommend asking your doctor if you have healed sufficiently before you start using your yoni egg. Most often it is recommended 6-8 weeks after birth.

Here is the link to her site if you would like to purchase one and give it a whirl or just to get more information about them –> LOVE TIMA MARIE.


Happy Yoni-ing!


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