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Every mom doesn’t have the same parenting style, but the one thing all moms have in common is they only want the best for their baby. Everyday as a parent, you work to give them the best of what they need, no matter what it takes to achieve. Babies deserve the best, and nothing – not lack of sleep, snow or a 6am store run – will stop moms from giving it to them. While the best might mean different things for every mom, it is something that unites us. These are moms’ #PureGoals.

I’ve partnered with Pampers Pure to talk about my #PureGoals story.  #PureGoals is a movement that celebrates the great lengths moms – and Pampers – will go through to give babies the best of everything.

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew my baby was only getting the best of everything. Because of this, I have a few #PureGoals stories.

Searching Far & Wide For the Best Hair Care Products: My hair was very thick, long and curly when I was younger – just like my daughter’s hair is now. I wanted to make sure that my daughter had the best hair care regimen to make sure it grew. I can’t begin to count the amount of nights I stayed up late watching youtube tutorials and researching products. At one point, I went to Target and purchased a bunch of different products to try them out. There are so many products that have only gotten used once just sitting around because I didn’t really care for them. Talk about an expensive obsession Lol! I know the store clerks in Target were probably like, “oh man the crazy hair product lady is back”. I would stand in the aisle, sit in the aisle – all while reading product labels to make sure they didn’t contain any sulfates.

Confidence: I grew up with a lot of confident and strong women, so I knew my daughter would be the same. I love books that promote self love and confidence at an early age. I have spent so much money on Amazon and in the bookstores buying books that my daughter can relate to and bring out the best in her. I bought books that have girls that look like her talking about how amazing and unique their hair is. I’ve bought books explaining her culture and where she comes from, so she can be proud. I even took it so far as to WRITE & PUBLISH  a book that is all about her and her unique name.

Furniture Fit for a Queen: When I was pregnant, I began my hunt of THE crib and stroller that my child was going to be in. I think I looked on every baby site. I started to look at companies overseas that had the cutest baby furniture. When I realized I was going to be spending 80 million dollars for a crib, I scaled back a bit lol. I found this one crib that I had to have! It was located in Canada and I ordered it! I had it shipped to a retailer in the US and I drove about 2 hours to go pick up the stroller but had the crib and furniture set delivered! It was all worth it, because its so beautiful and amazing!

Model Baby: I got my daughter into modeling when she was a few months old. The child modeling business can be very demanding. You have to be able to drop whatever you are doing to get your kids to castings and shoots. Sometimes, they email you the day before a shoot to let you know its happening. There were times when I was states away for business and I would get an email about a shoot and I made sure I got back to get my daughter there. I would drive hours to get her to jobs because I didn’t want my kid to miss out on any opportunities that may be great for her. I want her to get everything and have the best!

No matter what the topic or situation is, moms will go to the end of the earth for their children. Share your #PureGoals story in the comments section below and on social media using the hashtag #PureGoals.…



  1. Alexa Bolden
    October 10, 2018 / 11:22 am

    I had my baby a month ago and I started using this diaper brand and I love them!

    • Mel
      October 10, 2018 / 11:28 am

      Awesome! They are great! My favorite.

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