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[dropcap custom_class=”big”]AnnDrew is the sweetest, most lovable baby ever. When she was born we immediately fell in love. She has stolen the hearts of our friends and family.  AnnDrew loves to smile and bounce up and down.  No matter what mood you are in, she lights up your day. We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter daughter!

My name is Melanie, AnnDrew’s mom! I started this blog to share things I’ve learned and some personal stories. I wouldn’t classify myself as a blogger, just a girl with a sweet baby and lots of experiences to share. I am a millennial mompreneur dedicated to help other millennials accomplish their dreams toward entrepreneurship. I help online hustlers build their dream businesses and blogs through actionably awesome advice. I am the owner and designer of Melanie Marie Accessories, which is a custom unisex jewelry line. When I had my daughter, I was inspired to create a custom unisex line for children. I did and named it AnnDrew Marie. This blog is an extension of my brand and my life. I hope you enjoy.

Our morning vacation selfie



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