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This post is all about ways to dress up a Black Dress. By: Kristian Spraggins

Black dresses are one of the most versatile pieces for one's wardrobe. They are also known as “LBDs”, which stands for Little Black Dresses. They can be dressed both up or down, but in this blog post we will be talking all about how black dresses can be dressed up! LBD's are sexy and fun and they honestly look great on everyone which is why they are so versatile! 

Here are some ways that you can dress up a black dress: 

  • Pairing it with a moto jacket 
  • Oversized & Colored blazers 
  • Pop of color accessories 
  • Bedazzled accessories 
  • Designer pieces or other cute items


Yes, it is summer time but moto jackets are a great piece to dress up black dresses especially on those cooler summer nights. Of course, it may be too warm to actually wear them but they can be worn over your shoulder for an edgier vibe. It would be best to  wear a moto jacket with a black dress towards the end of the summer or transitioning into fall when the temperature begins to drop. Motorcycle jackets usually have silver or gold zippers and metal buttons on them that add extra edge. 

A pair of strap up heels or platforms with a red lip for date night would be a simple but chic & edgy look with a moto jacket and a LBD. Usually, the jacket's metal details are enough accessorizing so one does not feel pressured to over-accessorize when wearing this look. A simple necklace, ring and minimal earrings will perfect the look.

Lastly, black motorcycle jackets are usually the most common color. However, there are some yellow and blue motorcycle jackets that can add extra color to a minimal black dress. You may have to search some to find colored motorcycle jackets but they are out there. 

Below are a few colored motorcycle jackets for you to check out to where as you begin to transition from summer into fall.

Oversized & Colored Blazers OVER A LITTLE BLACK DRESS

Oversized blazers bring a natural edge and we stan them - not too oversized but just the right oversized fit.  Usually when you wear something oversized, whatever piece that is underneath is usually fitted and adds juxtaposition. If you are going for a more edgier vibe when wearing an oversized blazer and a LBD choose a dress that is more fitting to the body such as a bodycon dress.

Wearing a dress that is more fitted while wearing an oversized blazer, helps the blazer stand out more. However, that is not the only way that you can wear an oversized blazer. Oversized blazers can be worn with black satin slip dresses with tall boots, mid-calf boots, combat boots or short heeled booties. If you choose to wear combat boots with this look combination, it's probably best to stick to a black pair for a more elevated look.

Black slip dresses and blazers can also of course be worn with heels, which is a given for the most chic and classy look. Lastly, oversized blazers can also be worn over the shoulders or actually on your body with a belt with embellishments around the waist area. The belt would cinch in the waist area, but the oversized blazer would still give an edge with its broad shoulder pads. 

How could we forget: colored blazers are great to dress up your dress. The brighter the blazer the more you will stand out amongst the crowd! Not saying that you have to wear a neon blazer to stand out, but a nice yellow or orange blazer will definitely set you apart from the rest this season. Colored blazers are great for when you would like to add some color to your look, instead of always reaching for the darkest blazer in your closet, a black blazer.  

Below are a few color and oversized blazer options for you to add to your wardrobe and next look.

“Pop of Color” Accessories 

It is natural to pair a black look with other black outerwear pieces. Since we naturally have a tendency to gravitate to black because it is easy, every now and again it's nice to add pops of color to our outfits. If you usually enjoy wearing an all black look, in this case a black outerwear piece with a LBD, but would still like to add some color, try adding a colorful accessory. Some colorful accessories that pair well with an all black dress look are headbands, sunglasses, bags, belts and jewelry. With just a simple touch of a colorful accessory can easily transform a simple look into a show stopper. Pair some of the below accessories with your favorite LBD's. 

Bedazzled Accessories 

There’s nothing wrong with adding a little “razzle dazzle” to a look to spice things up a bit. Bedazzled accessories can add extra personality to any LBD, both casual and dressy. Casual black dresses can be dressed up with jeweled belts and bags which can create a night time and streetwear vibe. If you are looking for a more casual look, a black t-shirt dress with boots or strappy heels and a  bedazzled bag  is always a safe option.

The combinations of styling  bedazzled accessories with black dresses are endless. It’s all about how elevated you would like for your look to be! Also, how could we forget-jewelry, which is a big part of accessorizing. One thing to keep in mind if you are choosing to wear more jeweled jewelry over carrying jeweled bags or belts, it is best to not over accessorize with the jewelry. Instead, try wearing one or two bold pieces or multiple bold yet minimal pieces.

Designer Pieces

Gucci, Fendi, Prada or YSL? Which designer will you be pairing your LBD's with this summer? Another way to dress up a LBD is with designer pieces such as bags, belts, hats and jewelry. Designer pieces can obviously elevate your outfit overall but it is not the only way to elevate your black dresses this season. At the end of the day, they come with hefty price tags, which we all know hence the reason why this category is toward the end of this blog post, lol. 

Although it is nice to treat ourselves to designers every once in a while, do not feel pressured to splurge- this is not the only way to look elevated.  Social media can make you think that you have to have designer pieces to look good, which is not true! If you do happen to own designer pieces, this is one way that can help you elevate a black dress. However, please do not feel the need to go and purchase a designer piece just to look  elevated, there are plenty of ways to look put together without breaking the bank. Designer pieces just happen to be an option on the list. Below are a few fun designer pieces that won’t break your pockets this season for you to check out that are under $500!

This belt is super cute and can add some flare to your outfit! It is also a great investment piece.

This bracelet is gorgeous and will definitely add some sparkle and shine to an all black look! This would pair perfect with the cutest black mini bag.

Overall, black dresses are a closet staple. As a matter of fact, it is important to have multiple black dresses in your closet as you can never ever have too many. Black dresses are universal and they look good on everyone. They can be dressed up or down, some of the most casual black dresses can be dressed up with only a few extra touches with accessories to turn into a whole different look. Lastly, black dresses are go to’s, especially when you absolutely have no idea what to wear, wear a LBD! They are guaranteed to make you feel put together, no matter where you go. 

Which way will you dress up your black dresses this summer? 

This post was all about ways to dress up a black dress.

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