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This weekend was a cute and fun one! Minus it being 98 degrees and blazing hip hop & RnB outside!!! I took AnnDrew to Vivi Bubble Tea LES and Jane’s Carousel in DUMBO. I knew she would love Vivi Bubble Tea because she loves to get tastes of ice cream and how can anyone resist these cotton handy hats over the tea. I ordered two – the Jasmine and the Unicorn. AnnDrew did not have her own (no way Jose). She stared and grabbed at them and I’m positive if I let her, she would’ve toreeee that cotton candy up. I let her touch it and feel it and she said “COOL” the entire time haha! I put the whipped cream near her to show her and she went face first into it lol it was hilarious! Why are babies such savages when it comes to food? 😉 We chilled there for a bit before we headed to Brooklyn.

Our outfits are from Primark

Can you check out this amazingness they serve on a platter! Bubble tea, pop rocks cotton candy, SMORES, ice cream, whipped cream…OMG! AnnDrew kept licking that spoon thinking more ice cream was going to appear every time she licked it 😉

When we got to Brooklyn, it was still hot and I was still angry it was so hot LOL! We walked over to Jane’s Carousel. Jane’s Carousel is a classic 3-row machine with 48 carved horses and two chariots. It was created in 1922 by Philadelphian Toboggan Company (P.T.C.). It was originally installed in Indora Park in Ohio. In 1984 the carousel was purchased in an auction and has been restored to its original elegance! OK, enough of the history lesson. Back to the pics 😉

AnnDrew started walking (and walking fast) a few weeks ago and she knows she can be out. SO, trying to get a pic with her was a task. Did I mention is was 80 million degrees too. OOOoooooOOOooh I wanted to be like “GETCHO ASS OVER HERE GIRL”  so bad lol but I couldn’t. They would’ve called the people on me haha. She was moving so fast, she had me looking like somebody’s old auntie trying to show them how I used to dip it low when I was trying to chase her.

Our outfits are from Primark


Later, we just went and hung out in Brooklyn. I love my girl. We always have a good time!

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