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The time has arrived for AnnDrew to get this potty training on and poppin’! So far, she knows how to flush the toilet like a pro lol. Whenever I am sitting on the toilet and she is in the bathroom with me, she stands and flushes the toilet repeatedly!! My personal toilet flushing assistant at my service.


Every time I have to go to the bathroom, I bring her in the bathroom with me. I started putting her on her toilet when I am sitting on mine so she can get into the habit of using it. I love the potty’s now, because most of them make a flush sound or an applauding sound to praise the child when they go. She loves that and gets excited to sit and flush.


When I want her to sit on the toilet, I say “Pull your Easy Updown and sit down on the potty so you can see Kitty’s face.” I point to Hello Kitty on her training pants when she sits down. Once she is down, I always clap and say excitedly “GOOOOD GIRLLLL”. She starts clapping with me then reaches for the flush lever.

When we are done, I stand her up, wipe her and tell her it’s time to put on our pants. I continue to say “Good Girl” the entire time so she knows she is doing well by sitting on the potty.

After her pants are up, we wash our hands and move on to our next activity. I know after repeating this routine multiple times a day, she will be potty trained before we know it!

We use a super cute potty chart to help with potty training. Each week you mark the circle when your child completes the task. When all the circles are marked, you give your child a prize.

We’ve been using Pampers Easy Ups and I like these because they fit, feel and look like underwear while still having the protection of a Pampers diaper. If she ever blows up her diaper, the sides are easy to rip open so you don’t need to worry about pulling them down to the ankles and getting poop everywhere. No one has time for that! Children learn by habit, so I felt it was best to get her started on this potty training early.

AnnDrew has the “Hello Kitty” Easy Ups. They are the cutest thing! She holds the pull up, looks at the kitty and says “bayy-bee” – it’s hilarious!

I have always preferred Pampers over any other brand and thousands of other parents agree hence why Easy Ups won the 2017 Best New Product Award. I like how she doesn’t feel wet through the diaper after she goes to the bathroom. Also, I feel they are tighter around the sides to keep everything that is supposed to be in the diaper, IN THE DIAPER! 😉

I would recommend these not only because they work well, but because they are so cayuuteeee!

Thanks to Pampers for partnering with me on this post. I absolutely love Easy Ups for my daughter and if you’re interested in learning more, feel free to visit their site –> Click here for more information.



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