sunset blush

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Sunset blush is my latest obsession! I always find new hacks and techniques on TikTok. One of the most recent makeup techniques I saw was sunset blush and I instantly loved it! The video I saw, showed a girl taking two different liquid blush colors, applying them on her cheek then applying a liquid highlighter on top. After doing that, she took a brush and blended them all together giving the “sunset” look effect on her cheeks. I was soldddd! Once I saw it, I said oh this is the perfect vacation look.

Once you see the blush, you instantly imagine being on a tropical beach in a maxi dress with a rum punch in hand. I dug through my makeup bag to see what blush I had on hand to help achieve the sunset blush look. Take a look at my attempt at the sunset blush technique. After looking through multiple videos, I found some products that can best help achieve the look and I linked them below.

Here are some products that help achieve this look:

If you try the look, let me know how it turns out!

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