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People really don’t know the behind the scenes of a mom working from home with kids around. Boyyyy oh boy, its tough work. It may look easy on social media, but sometimes it gets crazy behind the scenes lol. It used to be so damn simple. The days when she didn’t know how to crawl and would stay where I put her are all figments of my imagination now. Nowadays, I dont even need to go to the gym. I get all the workout I need from chasing behind her. The minute SECOND I put something down, she is grabbing it lol. There are always extra hands on my keyboard, my computer screen being adjusted when it doesn’t need to be, little legs climbing on me and a slew of other things. If I were a fly on my own wall, it would probably be hilarious.

When Drew isn’t home, I really have to get creative to be able to get work done. I like to set up shop in her room, so she is free to roam around with her toys and the area is safe for her. By the end of the day, the room looks like the Tasmanian Devil came through the joint. A lot of times, I just have to put her in her crib or playpen and say f it lol sit here for a few minutes while I finish what I’m doing. Letting them play in your hair while you work is magical lol AnnDrew destroys my hair but it seems to give her satisfaction LOL.

Babies want and need our attention. The reason she doesn’t go to daycare is we own our own businesses and we would prefer her home with us so we get all of the time to spend with her.  I do have a lot of work to do on a daily basis, but I never wanted to let it interfere with giving my daughter the attention she needs. So whatever I can get done during the day around her schedule is fine with me but I do make sure to complete what can only be done during business hours. Mama has to secure the bag lol

Here are some of my tips and tricks:

  • Put on a show the baby likes, so you can get in a few minutes of time. Not too long, because you don’t want them addicted to tv.
  • Work like a madwoman when the baby is napping. I am most productive when the baby goes to sleep for the night.  I clock into work at 8pm every night and work until I am done. When the baby is sleeping, try to tackle the things you can’t do while they are awake.
  • Let the baby sit next to you, but give them something to play with. A book, doll, toy, maybe even AnnDrew’s favorite – PUFFS. Something take their mind of what you are doing.
  • Get the baby on a schedule, so you know when you will have time to yourself.
  • If you need to type something, try using Google Voice typing. That way you don’t need to have the computer out in front of the baby. We all know they can’t resist smashing the keyboard.
  • Schedule your social media using one of the many services out, so you don’t have to worry about being on social media all day. Your posts will be posted at the times you set (This is more so geared for people whose job is based around social media)

Enjoy these pictures of AnnDrew and I. My everyday stalker/shadow. I wouldn’t trade any of it either! My daughter is really the ish….a cool ass baby!

What are some of the things you mommies do to get work done? I’d love to hear! Comment below and let me know.

Don’t you hate when the make their body go limp lmao (see above pic) I got my mom look going on like “Little girl if you don’t….” lol

I let her play in my bun to distract her so I could finish this post! LOL

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