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Content creating requires the creator to invest money into tech gear that will produce the best quality photos and videos. I invested a lot of money in my camera equipment and accessories and I didn’t mind investing the money because I know my content will produce a return on my investment. The better quality content you put out, the more brands will continue to want to work with you. If you are not a content creator, it is just always good to have great photos.

Personally, I love photos and videos. I love to be able to look back at my memories and good quality never goes out of style.  By putting out quality content, you show that you are serious about your brand. 

Here is a video from my channel showing all of the equipment I use when making YouTube Videos.

Below is the tech gear I use to create content with:

Sony ZV1 and Bluetooth Grip

I love this camera and so do many content creators and YouTubers. It is compact, easy to operate and produces great quality content. It also has a reasonable price point! This is the camera I use to Vlog with. The bluetooth grip is so major! You can use it as a mini tripod, a grip to hold the came when in motion Annndddddd you can control the camera through the buttons on your grip. You never have to have your arm reaching over in your video footage because you had to press the record or zoom button. It also rotates and can be titled so many different ways.

Universal Video Microphone with Shock Mount

This is great to use when you are filming videos. It picks up sound much better than the microphone that is built into the camera. It comes with a handy carrying case that is great when the mic is not in use.

iPhone Tripod

This tripod is perfect to take with you on the go. It is lightweight and folds up tight and can fit in a carry-on bag! The best part about it, is that it comes with a Bluetooth remote so you can shoot yourself. When my photographer is available, I shoot myself.

Here is a quick video showing how I shoot my own content using the iPhone tripod and the bluetooth remote. Oh, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel, so you never miss any of my videos 🙂

Camera Tripod

My main camera to shoot with is very heavy, so I needed a tripod that can hold the weight without toppling over. Tripods are so convenient, especially if you need to shoot yourself. This tripod can maneuver in so many angles, which makes it great for content.

Backdrop Stand

I used the backdrop to shoot a four generation pic -myself, my mom, my grandma and my two daughters. This is great if you want to shoot with different backgrounds. It takes me literally 2 minutes to set up and take down.

Ring light

Who doesn’t love a ring light! The light from these just make your photos pop so much more. You are able to adjust the light with this light.

If you are in the market for some tech gear to create content, I hope you find this post useful!

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