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We survived Coachella 2018 aka Beychella!! I think that is how must people felt after the 3 day long festival was over. Omg between the dust, the heat and the people…I kept thinking “Might not make it” LOL! When I went to Coachella in the past, it wasn’t as packed. The obvious reason is because Beyonce wasn’t there! Other than that, there weren’t as many great headliners, at least I felt. This year, it was extra packed, but we had a great time. It is something that I recommend experiencing at least once. However, if you aren’t about that festival life – don’t even play yourself lol. You really need to be able to endure the long period of times standing, sitting on the grass and cutting through the crowds. We rented a house in Palm Springs and we were so happy we did. Our house had anything you could think of, so we really felt at home. We had a pool and a grill which were key! Since the main performers we wanted to see didn’t come on until later in the day, we were able to chill at the house and have fun before heading out. It also worked out perfectly because it was over 100 degrees in Palm Springs. No one felt like standing out there all day!

The BEST part about Coachella was BEYONCE!! Her performance was theee best. She gave us hit after hit and brought out so many other performers. It really was awesome!! She gets me every. damn. time. A few weeks after we decided to go to Coachella, she announced her OTR tour and I got some tickets too. Why Lord Why?! Beyonce is going to make me poor LOL!

We brought AnnDrew with us and she probably had more fun that some people out there. She was dancing the entire time and was loving the attention the crowds we giving her. It was so funny how a lot of people were so shocked to see kids out there, but it is an event for any age. A friend of ours also brought their toddler and they had a ball together. We saw a lot of kids out there, so it isn’t something that is so foreign for parents to do. People just shy way from it “not the thing to do”. I bring my kid a lot of places, so I didn’t care one bit! A few people asked me how it was with the baby, so I have a few tips to share:

  • Kids under 5 are free
  • You are able to bring a stroller for them, and that was perfect
  • Make sure you get some noise cancelling head phones. Below are the ones that we bought. AnnDrew was able to fall asleep with no problem with these on. These are perfect for any concert or event where a lot of noise is expected. Click the picture to order.

  • Bring long pants, a sweater and blanket for the baby. At night, Palm Springs gets really cold so the pants and sweater come in handy. I also brought a small blanket to cover the stroller when she fell asleep.

Oh, and my parents came too! My mom gave her and my dad the nickname – The OG Coachella Bandits! Haa! Overall all, it was a really good time! Good food, fam and friends, good drinks and tons of memories!

Enjoy some of our pictures and our looks from the festival broken down by days. The links to the looks will be at the beginning.







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