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About a week ago, Drew walked in the house with some surprises for moi! I opened them up to some new goodies! My favorite was my brand new GUCCI GHOST TOTE!! I loveeeee it. I was told I was 1 of 15 in the whole country to have this color. Umm, how awesome is that??! I have all types of designer bags that I love, but this one is so different and unique.  I also love it because of its size.  If I don’t feel like carrying AnnDrew’s diaper bag, I can throw some of her items in this lol.

To top it off, it is red! I love red. The leather is super soft and the interior is suede.  It also comes with a strap I can use if I want to wear it on my shoulder.

This creative collection was created by Trevor Andrew.  The crazy thing is he came up with these designs because he needed a last minute Halloween costume idea.  He cut a pair of holes in his Gucci Bedsheets and called himself “Gucci Ghost”.  Next thing he knew, he was at Gucci’s headquarters in Milan collaborating with the creative director.  A few years ago he was a former Olympic Canadian snowboarder.  Now, he is Gucci Ghost! Never give up your goals people!

Check out the some pictures of this amazing bag!

Sidebar: the custom bracelet I’m wearing in my picture is from Melanie Marie.  It is the Squeeze Bangle.  Click here to see the product page.

Click the product for more information

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