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I have always loved an outfit with some good fringe. The beauty of the fringe trend is that it isn’t something that’s exclusively for cold weather, as it’s a detail that can feasibly be added to pieces that are relevant to any season—handbags, dresses, and outerwear included. Plus, they can take on many forms, from leather to yarn to metallic to beaded to denim.  Fringe always adds such a cute something extra.

Check out my most recent fringe outfit below. Imagine how my outfit would’ve looked without the fringe on the side of the pants?! It would’ve looked extra plain! Get my fringe pants here.

Fringes slapped on clothes or accessories have the magic power of looking trendy and versatile. So they can basically go from music-festival-style to office-hours-look. And ALL the styles in between. For all ages. Fringes have been around for years. Remember the roaring ’20s. There were tassels dancing around bodies. It was all rebel yet very very glamorous still. Later on, the 70s brought the fringe back into spotlight with a more bohemian-unglamorous-yet-incredibly-cool take. Fringes on suede jackets or skirts were huge. And now here we are 😉

Check out these looks that caught my eye. I really love the leather fringe skirt in the first picture.


What are your favorite fringe looks? Click on the below links to shop these cute items.

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