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When I got engaged, I had so many wedding ideas flowing through my mind. I thought about how I wanted the wedding to look, what my dress would be like and of course who my bridesmaids would be! I already knew who I planned on asking but I wanted to make sure I asked them using a custom proposal box in true Melanie fashion – with a little extra razzle dazzle.

What is a bridesmaid proposal box?

A bridesmaid proposal box is an extra fancy way of asking your closets girls if they will stand by your side on your big day. It is totally fine to just call and ask them but I wanted to treat my girls because they will be joining me in my wedding. Once we set the date for our wedding, I made sure to see if they are available on that date and then told them to lock it down in their calendar.

I’ve seen so many different proposal box ideas but I wanted to include items that my bridesmaids would use forever. I didn’t want to only use items that said “Bridesmaid”. Don’t get me wrong – those are cute, but I feel like you won’t use the much after the wedding.

What goes in a bridesmaid proposal box?

You can put whatever you want in the box based on your budget. You can make it as small or over the top as you would like. Here is a video of what I packed in my bridesmaid proposal boxes and the links to all of the items.

Here are the links to the items I put in my custom proposal boxes:

Custom name boxes

Champagne flutes


Tote bags

Custom jewelry boxes

I Do crew candles

Gold knot bracelet

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