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If I can get my hands on anything that can make my life easier, I’m all for it. I have always been busy, but after becoming a mom the word busy is an understatement!! I have put together a list of some awesome products that can make [mom] life easier! Click the photos to be redirected to the site to purchase or get more info. If you know of any awesome products, let me know in the comments. 😉


The Doorganizer – It saves serious time when running out the door, which is almost always! It hangs on the door to our garage, and has a spot for car keys, sunglasses and iPhone. You can also put anything and everything in it that needs to be taken out, like the mail.

Mr Clean Magic Eraser – They almost instantly erase fingerprints and grime on walls, doors, cabinets and light-switch plates. You know, so company will think your house is always that clean. The Magic Eraser Kitchen Scrubber works wonders on dishes with baked-on food.

Dr Brown’s labels- Perfect for labeling cups, bottles, sippy cups, snack containers, toiletry items, or just about anything. They’re great for preschool, day care, camp, parties or organizing stuff at home, and they’re dishwasher and microwave safe. Kids love that they have their own things.

Pinch Provisions kit – The kit packs 24 compact solutions for practically any mishap a mom can face; there’s clear nail polish, bandages, a mending kit, earring backs, breath freshener. There are different theme kits that contain different items. I have a couple kits and I love them.



iPhone iCal app – This is my right hand in my quest to keep my sanity as a mom.  I put EVERYTHING in my phone calendar. Some days I can’t even remember why I walked into a room, much less when I have a scheduled conference call. Whenever a to-do pops into my head, I immediately enter it into the app so I can forget about it until it sends me a reminder to make sure I get it done!

Washable Milk Pads – these were awesome when I was breastfeeding. I started using the disposable ones, but I prefer the washable kind. They work great and help you save money.

Tide Pods – Nobody ever said laundry was fun, but these make the job a little less painful. Because there’s no need to measure, pour or clean up spills, you can start teaching your kids to do laundry sooner than you thought.

Portable phone charger – I alwayssss keep my portable charger with me. They always save me in a clutch. Who ever wants to have their cell phone die while out on a busy day – no one!

Sol-u-mel – This stuff gets out anything – Sharpie marks, nail polish, crayon, pet stains, gum—and it won’t harm the surface beneath. It smells a little strange, but it’s all natural, safe to use around young kids and it cleans insanely well. Just mix a few capfuls with water in a spray bottle and you’re good to go. Saw my friend use it to get nail polish off her bathroom marble floor (and grout!) and yet it’s gentle enough to get tar off a five-year-old’s feet.

iRobot roomba – This is great! It gets everything off the floor. It can even vacuum while you are sleep. One less chore for you to do.

Baby booster chair – this is one of my favorite items. My daughter loves sitting in her ow personal chair. She sits in it, reads her books, plays with her toys and watches her shows. I also put her in this chair when I am doing her hair. It’s perfect because the table top doesn’t allow her to get up and move when I am trying to get her hair done quick.

Nose frida – these are gold! Perfect for when the baby has some extra “friends” up their nose lol. This sucks them right out!


Little Remedies Baby Sterile Saline Mist – I love these. When my daughter had a cold, I use this to loosen up any mucus. It works great.

Munchkin Miracle 360 sippy cup – Kids love to copy adults and drink out of “big people” cups. This cup allows toddlers to drink out of cups without any spills. This cup can be turned upside down and nothing will come out.

Silicone Roll Up Bib – My favorite bibs ever!! They catch anything that falls. These are perfect for quick clean ups. I usually wash it out in the sink but if food residue has been sitting on it, I throw it in the washer machine and it comes out perfectly clean.


Regal Walk Through Gate – perfect to keep baby in but allows us to walk through when we need to.

ibaby monitor – this monitor is cool because you can connect it to your phone and watch what the baby is doing with the touch of a button.

Crock Pot- this was one of the best inventions ever!! No need to waste time trying to get dinner together. Just throw everything in the crock pot in the morning and let it do all the work. By the time dinner rolls around – dinner is served. Viola!

Boppy shopping cart and high chair cover – If you hate letting your kids touch the nasty cart handles or the high chairs, this is perfect for you. It folds up into a compact bag, so its great for travel.

Humidifier – I keep one in my daughter’s room. Sometimes the heat can be a bit dry and makes it hard for her to sleep. The humidifier keeps the room nice, moist and comfortable.

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  1. Naomi Grant
    March 9, 2018 / 9:32 pm

    I purchased the baby booster chair! Going to try and do my daughters hair with her in it tomorrow. Wish me luck Looolllll

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