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Target, a store we all know and absolutely LOVE! You know, the store you love going to but always come out with way more then you went in for. This store has a reputation to let you believe you are going to leave with the one item you went there for lol. The number one rule is to never go into Target without a list, because it can be difficult to fight the strong urges to throw everything in the bag. 😉

If you thought you loved Target before you had kids, once you become a mom, your Target love kicks up to the next level! Sometimes, having children may make the budget a bit tighter than it was before the sweet bundles came along. Due to this, Target can be a beacon of hope! It is a one stop shop full of everything from nipple cream, super cute nursery decor and more – all at reasonable prices.

Once I became a mother, I quickly learned about some products that I can’t live without. I recommend all new moms try these products and I guarantee they will become your must haves.

Check them out below:


Pampers Pure Diapers & Wipes

Once you become a mom, these two items alone will be your best friend. These are my main must-have because these Diapers and Wipes are crafted with premium cotton and other thoughtfully selected materials. All with the dryness & protection you trust from Pampers. Not to mention, the new diaper prints are the absolute cutest and look great with outfits! Click here to purchase Pampers Pure diapers. Click here to purchase Pampers Pure Wipes.

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Nursing Pillow 

The breastfeeding pillow has so many uses, it is mainly knownfor comfortable feeding. These various versatile pillows are also sometimes used to help a baby sit upright, for playing or for relaxing. The use of a nursing pillow for breastfeeding, can make things so much easier in the first few weeks of a breastfeeding relationship. It can help a mother position and latch her baby easily. It will also prevent her back and arms from getting tired and sore. Click here to purchase the nursing pillow.


Diaper Pail

This is a lifesaver – or shall I say, a nose saver lol. It is a baby diaper disposal system. The unit consists of a large plastic container with a plastic lid. The system seals diapers individually in a scented film to protect against germs and odors. Click here to purchase the diaper pail.


Baby Carrier

After I had my baby, the baby wrap carrier helped me out so much. I was able to get so much done, while still being able to appease the baby and carry her. Babywearing promotes attachment. Babywearing also helps mothers who may be suffering from depression to nurture their babies with less effort. Preemies and sick infants also grow and heal faster when worn, especially when the baby and parent are skin-to-skin. Click here to purchase the baby carrier.


Nose Suction

Nose suctions are awesome and work like magic! They quickly and effectively help “blow your baby’s nose”. Another reason to love the clear suctions is that unlike the generic bulb syringe, it is transparent allowing to see the amount of mucus pulled from baby’s nose. Click here to purchase the nose suction.







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