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Oprah called it the toughest job in the world, and we think it just might be. Whether mom has a job, stays at home or does a little of both, the work is nonstop. Kids aren’t known for respecting “mommy time.” If I got a dollar every time I heard my daughter say mommy, I really would be rolling in dough! We can’t even pee in peace without seeing the doorknob opening followed behind small fingers and a soft voice saying, “Hi Mommy”. But then, once a year, on the second Sunday in May, if moms are lucky enough to have a willing partner and/or children old enough to understand, mom may just get an entire day off the clock. A full morning of sleep. Twenty-four hours of pure, unadulterated Me Time. I mean, moms deserve it!

Happy Mother’s Day. It’s time to treat YO’SELF.

Here, 7 ways to treat yourself this year…

BRUNCH (oh and bottomless mimosas)

Sure, it may be 11 a.m. But we promise, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Mother’s Day brunch is a holiday staple, and it may just be happening at your favorite restaurant. It doesn’t get much more indulgent than delicious food cooked by someone else, a doting family and a late-morning/early-afternoon mimosa (or bloody Mary, or vodka cranberry). They’re excellent daytime splurges only made better by your partner cutting your toddler’s food while you sip, savor and sigh with contentment. Considering splurging on the French toast (with powdered sugar!) to accompany your cocktail. Calories shmalories. It’s your day. #CheatDay



There’s a reason why massages, facials and body wraps are some of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts. This level of pampering produces a sense of calm that is palpable, and possibly lavender-scented. There are all sorts of specials around this time, so go ahead and buy yourself some muscle-relaxing, skin-softening, body-smoothing Mommy Time. Even an hour will do (but we recommend two).



Sometimes, it’s tough to find time in the day to take a shower, let alone get a haircut and color, a makeover or a full-on mani-pedi with extremity massage. But it’s Mother’s Day, so go crazy. Have a pro color your hair, your fingernails, your toenails and your face — and if you’re up for some girl time, bring along some friends and make a party of it. Some salons will even let you bring wine and watch the soaps while aestheticians fawn over you.



When’s the last time you took a hot bath, perhaps with bubbles, the air scented with lavender or vanilla? Maybe you opened a book, sipped champagne or listened to music while the faint light of candles flickered softly in the steam. Oh yeah. It’s a bath. If you’ve got a soaker tub or — lucky girl — a Jacuzzi, you’re good to go. If not, pretend and doctor up what you have. Turn off the lights, light some candles and put on some music. I do recommend investing in a bath pillow. Just send the kids to Grandma and grandpa’s or out to the park with Dad, or give ’em some snacks and youtube. Your annual relaxation is certainly worth an hour of cartoons.


HOME ALONE (not the movie lol)

Sometimes, the greatest gift you can give yourself is not a day out, but a day in. A few hours to pad through your home and do what you want, when you want, how you want. Sit on the couch with some tea and a blanket and watch what you want to watch, do a crossword, shop online or just enjoy the silence. Or, gasp, take a nap! Chances are, there are things you used to do at home, things you enjoyed, before the kids came. Things you miss. Clear the house for a couple of hours, put on your sweatpants, and do those things. It can be as rejuvenating as a spa day, and a lot less expensive.



Not every woman goes gaga for accessories. Some don’t care for purses — or scarves or earrings or fine, metallic-leather belts that go with absolutely everything. But some women do. If you’re one that cares, and you typically practice restraint because, well, who has disposable income these days, give yourself a little break for Mother’s Day and grab some instant fashion gratification. Don’t go into debt to do it, of course. But if there’s something you’ve had your eye on, and it’s within reach, treat yourself. Something like a handbag can give you pleasure every day until you get to splurge again, which might not be until next May. So make it count.



With all the joys of motherhood, and there are a lot of them, there are also some real drawbacks. One of those could be a decrease in the time you get to spend with your partner, just the two of you. Mother’s Day doesn’t have to mean treating only yourself. Spend some sans-kid time with your significant other – no working, no phone calls, no refereeing. It can do wonders for your relationship just to have a dinner together when you can talk, just the two of you. It can have deep, long-lasting benefits. You may find yourself making a habit of it.


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