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Most children love coloring, painting, sticking and making things – not only is it good fun, it’s also an opportunity to get messy, which appeals to most pre-schoolers. Especially, AnnDrew lol. Sometimes, just the thought of even taking the arts and crafts supplies out seems like such a major task, especially if your little ones lose interest in a project halfway through and leave you holding the glitter. Or if you know they are about to leave a huge mess for you to clean. But even when it doesn’t go quite according to plan, getting crafty together brings huge benefits for children and their families – from building psychological resources and physical skills to helping with brain development.

I had a blank wall that I was trying to figure out what I was going to fill it with for the longest time. I was looking up dozens of artists and looking for nice artwork but half of the time I didn’t like it 100% or it was super expensive. The other day AnnDrew’s school sent home some of her artwork and I had an Ah-Ha moment! I decided to let her paint something that went with my color scheme and I was going to frame it. I got two gold frames and some canvas paper from Michael’s. My living room colors are mostly white and gold, with accents of green and black so these frames were perfect! We already had black paint and paintbrushes in our arts and crafts box.

When she was done, they actually looked really good and she is so happy they are hanging on the wall! This will give her the confidence to continue to want to create and maybe even pursue art. It is a great conversational piece. The frames I got only had two hooks, but I didn’t feel like making multiple holes in the wall so I bought some hanging wire to hang them easier.

Next time you decide to do arts and crafts with your little ones, think about framing them 😉

There’s evidence that encouraging children to be creative and imaginative early in life can actually help them to be more resourceful and resilient when they’re faced with barriers or obstacles in adult life. Making things that they’ve dreamed up or painting things that go beyond their wildest imagination helps children to conjure up possible solutions and find different ways to approach problems. Making art is a great, safe way to discover that it’s okay to make mistakes and that getting things ‘wrong’ can lead you to a whole new idea. When they’re making a picture or some sort of art, your child is making all their own decisions about where to put things and what to emphasize which is really empowering and will encourage their independence. Research shows that activities like connecting shapes or creating patterns taps into the same parts of the brain that we use for more complex problem solving later on like maths.

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