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I noticed a lot of people have been waiting until delivery to find out what the sex of their baby will be.  We did that with AnnDrew, and let me tell is hard! As a new parent, you want to be able to go out and buy new clothes, shoes and decorate the nursery.  I know I always thought about how my baby’s room was going to be decorated.  Since we didn’t know, we went with neutral decor.  We stuck to cream, white and gold. Gender neutral rooms are classic, elegant and timeless and it allows you to weave in your own unique touches.

Quick Look at AnnDrew's Room
Quick Look at AnnDrew’s Room

You just have to keep in mind, whatever you choose must work well for a baby boy or girl.  Here are some tips to help:

  • My graphic designer always makes pinterest boards when starting a new project. I suggest doing that when starting the design process of the room. It helps you gather all of your ideas into one space. You can pin different pictures of furniture, toys, bedding and lighting.
  • Decide on the theme you want for the room.  Themes can be very fun, but if you are like me, you may not be feeling a theme. If you don’t go that route, choose a color scheme. Colors that are great gender neutral colors are white, gray, light yellows, greens or blues.  Once you get the color scheme, you can really tie everything together with the decoration. When we were trying to come up with the theme of AnnDrew’s room, we say a lot of do it yourself wallpaper at BabiesRus that was cute.
  • Decide on decor. Think about storage, night lights, comfortable throw rugs, or stuffed animals. There are a lot of oversized giraffes that I have been seeing a lot of that are so cute.
  • Pick out your furniture.  When choosing furniture, think smart.  Try and get pieces that you will definitely use.  You don’t want to clutter the room. Of course, you want to have a beautiful crib and dresser set. When choosing a crib, make sure to get a crib that is a convertible crib and can grow with the baby.  These cribs go from a regular crib to toddler bed to day bed to a full size/queen bed typically. You will definitely appreciate a nice chair/rocker in the nursery.

Here are some cute ideas to get you started. Click on any item to shop or for more information.

Here are some nursery

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