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This morning we went to the Universouuuuuuul Circus! It was such a fun time and AnnDrew truly enjoyed herself. This isn’t your ordinary circus…this one is full of soul! The Ringmaster was so great at keeping the crowd hype and it was so cool that he was from Johannesburg, South Africa! They played all of the latest hits, so it felt like a big party. It was so funny to see how all of the kids know the words to every hot song out right now lol AND all of the dances to go with the song. Y’all know AnnDrew was dancing her heart out.

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I packed AnnDrew some lunch and snacks but we had to partake in some of the popcorn and omg why is it so good!! Heavy BUTTAH and salted to perfection lol I was tearing it up so much, AnnDrew was giving me the look like, “Enough Mom!” LOL!

The circus is about 2.5 hours and full of a lot of mini shows.

  • Caribbean Dynasty – dancers came out dancing to awesome music from the islands

  • Horse Tricks – they did stunts on the horses while in motion

  • Making the Band – this one was funny because they pulled people from the audience to go on stage and be “apart of the band” and dance.
  • Double Jointed Dancers- dancers did all types of crazy dance moves. It was so freaky seeing them bend like that

  • Soul Train – they had people that were 30 y/o and + to come up and dance in the soul train line LOL

  • African Dream Team Dancers

  • They threw around a bunch of mega balls int he crowd to let the kids bounce them around in the air. AnnDrew loved these!
  • Motorcyclists flying in the air

  • ….and much more

Overall, it is such a fun show to go see. You will have a great time and the kids will definitely enjoy themselves! They will be able to see animals and ride the elephant if they choose.


Enjoy some photos from the circus below 😉

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