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Someone pass the baby gates!! AnnDrew is on the move. This girl said forget crawling, I want to walk.  AnnDrew never really had the traditional crawling stage.  She started doing this bear type crawl, not the usual hand and knee crawl.  Its so funny because she gets in a downward dog position and moves so fast. When we put her in her Minnie Mouse walker, she zips and zooms across the floor chasing after the poor dog.  Let me tell you, her legs can move!!! And lets not even talk about how she rams our feet.  If I am sitting on the couch, I have to keep pillows in front of my feet to protect them from her.  She loves this walker because of the toys that are on the table top.  I like it too, because it is easy to adjust and fold down when we are on the go.


We got her the zebra walker for Christmas and she immediately wanted to give it a whirl. I really like it because it doesn’t topple over when she pulls on it to stand herself up.  She is very determined and loves to be independent, so she likes the zebra walker a lot.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a baby learning how to walk.  At the rate she is going now, I think she will be walking by 8/9 months. GO GIRL!!


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