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We all want a little bit of peace and quiet in the morning! We want to wake up, take a nice warm shower/bath and enjoy our breakfast in peace. Buuuut as we all know, that isn’t usually the case lol.  Kids are running around, errands need to be completed, you have to wake up and rush to work, etc. That’s why I love my new mug from my favorite designer, Jonnell Chavez. Jonnell is awesome and I absolutely love her work.  This new mug takes the cake – “I love the smell of don’t f*ck with me in the morning”! So cute and funny! I definitely pour my OJ in this in the morning and sip slow!

Here is the link to the shop!  It is only $16 too. Check her site out and tell her I sent ya!

Disclaimer- drinking out of this mug doesn’t really block anyone f*cking with you in the morning LOL 😉 Wishful thinking…

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