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It seemed impossible to do, but we did it!! After, 7 months AnnDrew sleeps in her own bed all through the night. AMEN AMEN. Don’t get me wrong, I loved co-sleeping and found it to be very convenient. You never have to leave the bed when your baby sleeps with you.  When they are hungry, just pass the nip lol. There were a few times where we attempted to put AnnDrew to sleep in her bed that ended in epic failures. A few weeks ago, I was determined to make it happen.  I was on google reading all the mom sites trying to find something that could help us.  I stumbled on this one site that had an article called “Teach Your Baby to Sleep (In Just 7 Days)” and was instantly like say whaaaaaa now. I  said well damn, if I can get it done in 7 days, sign me up!

I showed the steps to Drew and he didn’t think that it would work lol, but we decided to give it a try. I found that the first night was the worst for us.  She woke up every 2-3 hours. Probably looking around like “Mom, quit playing! Whose bed is this?? Take me back to OUR bed.” During the day on day 1, I started the training by putting her down for naps in her crib to try and begin a routine. Before, I would always let her nap in our bed because that was easier for us.  During the night, I was worried about night time feedings.  I wasn’t sure if we should be waking her up to feed her if she was sleeping for a long time.  Our pediatrician said since she started eating solids, it is ok to let her sleep through the night.  She also said if the baby was really hungry, she would keep crying. The second night she would wake up and whine a bit but we let her cry and she went back to sleep within a few minutes. The article says the third day may be bad, but by our third day AnnDrew was hip to game and sleeping in her bed.

It’s crazy because I would wake up just to look at the monitor to see if she was sleeping ok.  So I would wake up tired just from waking up to check on her and she was knocked out lol. I definitely feel it is worth a try.  It feels so good to be able to have the bed to ourselves and stretch out like we want.

Here is the link for any moms that want to give it a try –> Teach Your Baby to Sleep (In Just 7 Days)

I hope this can help someone. 😉


  1. Tiff
    January 26, 2017 / 1:48 pm

    Excellent read! I am still struggling with co-sleeping and she is 5.5 months. She is in her own bed that is located in our room half of the night and the rest of the night after mid-night feeding dad sneaks her back in the bed with us 🙁 or she tosses and turns so much that we just give in and put her in the bed with us. I definitely can’t wait until she can sleep through the night without the midnight feeding. My lil one takes the bottle at 6:30, sleep at 7:15, wakes up for midnight feeding like clock work, then wakes back up around 4:30am or 5am for morning bottle. When we are ready to take that leap of her in her own room, I will definitely get the book. I wonder if your Doc said when they first start solids like once a day or when they really start solids like 2-3 daily then they can sleep through the night. Right now my lil one is on solids but just a few spoons once a day and really for the taste but she doesn’t eat a lot since she is just getting use to it. Thank you for sharing your experience Mel.

    • Mel
      January 26, 2017 / 3:29 pm

      Hey Tiff! Oh I understand. It’s hard but you have to tough it out. It’s even harder bc she is in your room, so you hear every movement or sound she makes ?? Don’t worry!! There is light at the end of your tunnel. I swore she was never going to sleep in that crib and that we wasted money lol. I believe my pediatrician means eating solids 2-3 times a day.

      • Tiff
        January 27, 2017 / 7:20 am

        Great….2-3 meals okay. Can’t wait to read more posts 😉 Thank you for sharing with us 😉

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