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What 1 year old do you know that has a purse collection like this?! AnnDrew is trying to catch up to me 😉 I absolutely love purses for toddlers! When I tell you this little girl loves purses, I mean it. My daughter LOVESSSSS purses!! She sees a purse, grabs it and then puts it on. She usually walks around with them hanging on her forearm, but her new thing is wearing them crossbody. Because she copies me so much, she knows when a woman puts her coat and purse on its time to go lol. So every time, she puts her purse on she says “Bye, Bye. Gotta Go!” I swear little girls are so much fun! There are so many cute purses for toddlers out now and it’s so hard to resist buying them all.

She recently got two new Chanel Inspired purses that are adorable. They are cute because your mini can match with mommy. The bags are from Cabello Couture and they are pictured below. They offer different colors, sizes and even clothing. The smaller sized one is perfect for her size now. If you wanted to grab one for your little fashionista, use the code “In Drews Shoes“, to get a discount. 😉

She also has two gucci purses that are shaped like animals – a fish and a pig. Her cousin got these a while ago, so they don’t carry these styles anymore. They do have this super cute unicorn one that is similar to hers.

Here are some cute baby girl purses. They are all petite and cute. They don’t need to put much in them, so they are perfect size.

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  1. Kayla Francis
    / 9:04 pm

    Her purse collection is my goals LOL hahaha

  2. Darla
    / 9:06 pm

    The Gucci Fish is TOO CUTE!

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