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Today, AnnDrew and I are twinning! Gray sweaters, dark pants and we finished our looks off with our Converse Chuck Taylors. AnnDrew’s were a bit jazzier than mine because hers were metallic but we still got the same effect 😉 I feel like Chuck Taylor’s will never go out of style.  There are sooo many color and shoe options and they are so easy to throw on.  Especially, on a day when you are just looking to be casual or running errands.

I love a cute matching mommy and mini duo.  As AnnDrew gets older, we definitely will have some good matching days in store. We got so many compliments today on our matching outfits and shoes! We finished all of our errands and now we are back in the house practicing Miss AnnDrew’s walking skills.

You can shop our look here!

Click here to check out my sweater

Click here for AnnDrew’s sweater

Click here  for my chucks

Click here for AnnDrew’s high top metallic chucks

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