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Being a mom is very hard yet rewarding work! I applaud the moms that can look fabulous while getting the job done. Every week I am going to highlight a “Hot Mom”. I define a Hot Mom as a mother that takes care of her children and still handles her business. Looking fabulous while doing it is the cherry on top. 😉

Like Beyonce says in Run The World…

Strong enough to bear the children. Then get back to business.

This weeks Hot Mom is Tracy Washinsky. I asked her some questions about her motherhood experience and here is what she said.

How old are you?


Where are you from?
Small town Girl from Abilene, TX

How old is your son?

8 years old about to be 9 years old, but forever my baby

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
My favorite thing about being a mom is being loved just because I’m “Mommy” It’s the best feeling ever.

What has been your funniest moment being a mom thus far?

Motherhood in itself is comedy central, God really has a sense of humor. At the end of the day being a mom is funny because we are all just winging it.

I know you’re a Boss Mama! Any businesses you want to tell us about?

Super Fly Mom is my business! Super Fly Mom is a lifestyle brand created for moms and those who love them.

Our newest product includes a pair of fitness tights that are so comfy they can be worn from Lounging to Lunging and anytime in-between. You can check out more of my products on my instagram page @ShopSFM.

Super Fly Mom is Lifestyle brand geared toward moms who love family, fitness, beauty, and super fly stuff. You can shop her line HERE.

FYI – I have a pair of the SFM Anytime Tights and I absolutely LOVE them! I love them because they are super cute and comfortable at the same time.  That’s my favorite combination – cute and comfy! They can be jazzed up or worn casually! What mom doesn’t want to be classified as a “Super Fly Mom”??!!

Check out this Hot Mama! You can follow Tracy on Instagram @SuperFlyMom3. Here are some great pictures of Tracy and her son and her products. 

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