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Summer is here! Let’s get these outdoor activities poppin!! I know a lot of moms plan on taking their babies to the beach, so I put together this list of baby beach must haves. These are all items I have found useful.


Baby Beach Tent – For shelter, shade and just a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the beach, these little tents are incredibly convenient. A couple of things to look for: one that is extremely simple to set up and a bonus if it offers some sort of UV Guard Protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Children love playing inside and if they get tired, they can nap in there and be shielded from the sun rays.

These tents fold down to practically nothing and usually come with some sort of storage pouch which makes them super easy to store and travel with.

Hat / Cover Up – Hats keep sun out of baby’s eyes and off of his scalp. A baby’s skin is super sensitive. Sand is the archenemy of sensitive. It is scratchy, itchy and finds a way into EVERYTHING. Cover ups and rash guards help to protect a baby from all things sun and sand. I usually bring a small thin blanket to use to get the sand off of items.

Spray bottle with fresh water – Nothing fancy here, people. You can grab these from CVS, Target, Walmart or the hair store. Fill it with clean water before you head to the beach.

These come in handy when trying to get sand off of the baby. No matter how much you wipe, that sand is not going anywhere. A few sprays and its coming off! Viola, magic.

A battery operated fan – Even with a nice ocean breeze, it was hard to escape the 95 degree temperatures. A battery operated fan always helps us. We have on that has a clamp so we are able to attach it to things and position the fan in the direction we need it to go.

Small Inflatable Baby Pool and Bath Toys – Some suggested buying a tiny little baby pool for the beach. They said time and time again, it proves to be the best boredom buster to keep the babies cool and entertained.

Stroller or wagon with all-terrain/off-road wheels – I have only brought a stroller to the beach once and it was cool. We were able to roll it on the same and park it when we found our section (The word section makes it sound like we were in the club lol but y’all get the point).

Mesh Baby Carrier – Another great way to keep the baby off the sand is to carry the baby. But you’re probably thinking, “I don’t want to get my carrier or wrap all full of sand, plus the fabric will be so HOT sitting on the beach.” A mesh sling is breathable AND water proof. Perfect for baby wearing on the beach, in the water, etc.

Water-Resistant Blanket – These things are all the for a lot of places, not only the beach! Perfect for sitting outside in the grass too.

Baby Powder – Regular old baby powder comes in handy at the beach for sand removal. Just rub some powder on those sandy legs, feet, arms, you get the idea. The powder helps the sand come off without irritating the skin.

Sunscreen – Sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to forget to throw the sunscreen into your beach bag. Make sure you lather up the kids before you leave for the beach and then reapply according to your product’s instructions. If you look back at past posts, I turn AnnDrew into Casper the Ghost after I’m done putting her sunscreen on lol. I do not play with her and the sunscreen.

Swim Diaper and Other Essentials – Maybe you’re not going to haul the entire diaper bag to the beach with you, but be sure to pack enough diapers (regular and swim) and wipes to get you through your day! Also, don’t forget a change of clothing and bibs.

Snacks and water – Think about what meals and snack time(s) are going to occur as you sit on the beach. Pack plenty of bottled water as well as snacks and food for yourself AND your baby. Think about any bottles, formula or other feeding essentials that you might need and pack for them into your beach bag. I have a freezer bag that has a large ice pack inside for when I’m on the go with breastmilk.

Ziploc bags – They help me to compartmentalize and organize all of our belongings from snacks to toiletries. The beach is no exception. Since ziplocs are sealed waterproof bags, they are ideal for keeping items away from the water and sand. I like to pack food, diaper essentials and also spare outfits in ziploc bags. Bonus – turn an empty ziploc into a trash bag for any food wrappers, dirty diapers, etc.



If you have a beach must have that isn’t on this list, comment and let me know 😉

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  1. Jina
    / 9:12 am

    Right on time! Thanks for putting this list togther. Getting ready for a beach trip now with our 3 month old baby girl. First trip for us and this definitely helps! Safe and happy travels to you!

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