This past weekend one of my good friends was celebrating her 31st birthday in Atlanta. So my frequent flyer baby and I hopped on a flight to the durrtyy South. Each day was full of non stop activities! We had a Pajama Party Brunch, went to eat at great restaurants, indoor sky diving and visited some other friends that live out there. Good times! The Pajama Party Brunch was so much FUN! Everyone really came in pajamas which was awesome and rare for a themed party. We had all types of food that we woke up early to make – Waffles, fried chicken, eggs, beef sliders (ON HAWAIIAN SWEET ROLLS OMG SO GOOD), fried apples and more! We played a lot of games and sang karaoke. Karaoke was hilarious! Imagine someone in pajamas, intoxicated and singing Bad & Boujee lol!

You all know me and AnnDrew, of course we were matching a couple of times over the weekend.  Her pajama party outfit was super cute.  She had personalized socks and robe and I couldn’t take it lol.  We both had on gray onesies with thigh high socks and robes.

I love that I can take her with me everywhere and she is so chill and relaxed.  We are really blessed and I’m happy she is able to experience new things and places.

Enjoy some photos from our weekend below 😉

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