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Growing up, I had awesome relationships with both of my parents. They both taught me different valuable lessons I used while growing up. I was one of the few kids out of my friend group whose parents were still married. It truly is great to wake up to both of your parents every day. This is something I’m glad my daughter has. I, personally, believe children growing up without their dad impacts them in one way or another. Below are 5 reasons why I feel its important for dads to be in their daughters lives.

1.) Fathers shape their daughters self esteem – Fathers play an instrumental role in their daughters lives from the time they are born. There is a significant difference in a child when their dad is present in their life verses when they are not. When there is a loving father in the picture, girls develop a strong sense of confidence. Dads should always tell their daughters she is beautiful and to remind them of the importance of inner beauty. Studies show that if your child’s father is affectionate, supportive, and involved, he can contribute greatly to your child’s cognitive, language, and social development. As well as academic achievement, a strong inner core resource, sense of well being, good self – esteem and authenticity.

2.) Fathers impact social traits in their daughters – It has been proven that daughters who communicate with their fathers regularly and positively, communicate better with both males and females in their lives.

3.) Fathers show their daughters how women deserve to be treated – Fathers who show love to their wives and daughters teach their daughters that they need to be treated with respect, loved and cared for by men they may date. Fathers that are abusive or neglectful, unfortunately may lead their daughters to believe this behavior is ok.

4.) Fathers lay the foundation for their daughters future romantic relationships – I hear numerous women say “He has big shoes to fill because my father treats me like a princess” when referring to men they date. Dads definitely set the bar for men. I love to see men taking their daughter out on “dates”, holding the door for her and treating her respectfully. Studies have proven that females look for traits in men that her father had.

5.) Fathers are role models – When fathers tell their daughters that they can do anything, it empowers them! Fathers should never underestimate the influence they have on their daughters life. Daughters feel safe with a protective father.  They appreciate knowing daddy has her back at all times. It lets her know she can always rely on dad.

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