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When I was younger, I loved press on nails. I thought they were super cute. Fast forward to when I got older – I only wanted to go to the nail salon. Going to the salon was a rite of passage. It made you feel grown 😉

Thanks (no thanks) to Covid-19, all nail salons have been closed for months!! Millions of women all across the USA were trying to figure out what they were going to do with their nails. I started to notice a lot of nail techs making custom press ons and ya girl was intrigued! One of my friends owns a salon and she let me know that she too was making press ons. Once I found that out, it was a wrap! On like donkey konnnggg! I linked her store below at the end of the post.

The first press on style that I went with was a long coffin shaped marble design. These were a tad bit long but I embraced them because I had them for my birthday and wanted to be fancy lol.

After wearing them and seeing how durable and easy they are, I think I will only go with press ons from now on. They aren’t as damaging to my nails and I don’t have to sit in the salon for such a long time. They are also cheaper! I can switch up my lengths and shapes whenever I want versus waiting until I get a new set.

I kept the long marble nails on for about 2 weeks and then I switched it up. My next design was inspired by the Murakami Flower. I went with a medium length almond shape.

If you’re worried about damaging your nails when it’s time to take them off, here is a hack: Before you apply the nails, paint a couple of coats of clear polish. When you’re removing the nails, instead of it removing parts of your nail bed, it will remove the polish first. If you add a glitter polish that may be better, since glitter polish is so hard to remove. This trick is not foolproof — there will be times that a bit of your nail bed is peeled off, too — but if you’re careful and remove your nails properly, you will be fine. It is best to soak your hands in some water to loosen the grip of the glue.

To see a quick hyper lapse video on how I apply them, I have some on my instagram page @MELRWHITE.

You can purchase them on my friends website, Polish Me Luxe.

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