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This post is all about home office ideas.

Looking for home office ideas for yourself or a special lady in your life? Creating a productive and inspiring work space can be tricky, especially since the start of the pandemic. It seems like we do everything at home now, but honestly we have been!  Now that we are at home even more, you can easily get distracted with household chores and other things at home that can take our attention away from our main work from home assignment. Having a home office should be inspiring, motivating, and organized to help us create and produce our very best work. 

It is important to have a well organized home office, as it helps to clear our minds and focus on what is most important and to think clearly. This spring is the most perfect time to work on updating your home office space. Not only should we purge our clothing and items that we no longer use, but also to purge your work space of items that no longer serve you.

Spring is a great time to add a brand new feel to your home office space this season. Not all office spaces look as aesthetically pleasing and “perfect” as the ones that we might see on our TikTok and Instagram timelines. I curated some cute home office ides for her – simple ideas to spruce up your space with new furniture and special touches with feminine stationery. Let’s get into the breakdown of ideas to get you started! 

Having the right desk is key 

If you can find the right desk for your office space it can make all the difference. If you are a content creator or have a creative 9-5, desk space is an essential. The more space you have the better off you will be. Having a desk that has a lot of space can potentially help you to put ideas together and visualize your work right in front of you. Bigger desks allow for you to be more hands on with your craft without feeling overly crowded and cramped while working. 

If you have a corporate job that involves a lot of paperwork, technology and documents it would be best to look for a desk with compartments and extra storage space. The extra storage space will help provide a place to store cords, important documents, and all of your goto technology devices and more. Home office spaces are also used for personal use, such as a space for side hustles, paying bills and tackling other adulting tasks.

Desks with drawers and shelves help to keep office spaces organized and tidy. If your current desk does not have extra storage space, and you are not quite ready to purchase a new one try using paper trays and organizers. Storage containers are life savers and will help you to stay organized throughout your work week. Lastly, they are a great way to keep your space aesthetically pleasing. A stylish space will help you to feel organized and motivated.

Get this desk here.
Get this desk here.

Let nature in 

You can incorporate nature in your home office by buying a wooden desk or adding an array of greenery around your office space. Nature themed accent pieces create a natural and calming aesthetic. The best type of plants to have in your office are snake plants, aloe vera’s, Calathea plants, Panda and cactus plants. These plants require low maintenance, and will flourish in low light conditions. In other words, they are hard to kill! Incorporating greenery in your space also helps with oxygen flow while working. Plants bring life to office spaces even if they are faux plants. Faux plants add a pop of color and positive energy to your space.

Here are some ways that plants can help you in your work space: 

  1. Reduces stress
  2. Increase productivity 
  3. Help to reduce sickness
  4. Makes work spaces more aesthetically pleasing
  5. Keeps the air clean
  6. Boosts creativity 
Get this plant here.
Get these plants here.
Get these here.

Make it comfortable 

There is nothing worse than working in a space that you dislike or does not make you feel comfortable. This goes for both corporate office spaces and home office spaces. It is important to have an office space that is comfortable and inspiring to you. When your space feels positive and inspiring it helps with producing your best work because you are enjoying where you work. Since we are spending more time working from home, we might as well make our work area the best that it can be! 

Fluffy rugs are great for making your space comfortable and cozy to work in. A great rug and well structured office chairs make working long hours more bearable. We all know that sometimes working from home and creating a life-balance for ourselves can be challenging. However, choosing different textured rugs and office chairs creates a more home vibe without taking your attention away from work.

At the end of the day we still have to be productive during work hours, but having a fun and stylish home office can make the time go by a lot faster! Sometimes all you need to do is change a few things in order to make all the difference in your work space. Adding fun textures and furniture to your work space keeps things lively and overall happier. If you are in a creative field or are an entrepreneur, a stylish work area with textures and prints will continue to fuel your mind with new creative ideas all from surrounding yourself in a creatively designed space.

Get this chair here.
Get this rug here.
Get this here.

Be Inspired 

Placing artwork or inspirational quotes around your office space is another way to add flavor to your work space. Motivational quotes and artwork keeps positive energy around you. Everyday is not perfect. If you can look around your office space and see a motivational message it can spark joy and turn your day around. An organized and cheerful space will elevate your mood on those days when you do not feel like working. Or if your mind has run into a creator’s block

Let’s face it, we all have those not so great days!  

Looking around at inspiring quotes or pictures of others that you feel inspired by can help you get back on track. Lighting candles enhances the atmosphere to a calm state where you can work peacefully.  There are a lot of motivational planners and calendars that can help you stay focused and positive while on the go! We all could use extra motivation from time to time. Below are a few motivational items to add to your home office. 

Stay Organized 

Lastly, there is nothing worse than trying to work and think clearly when everything around you is unorganized. An organized space helps to produce organized thoughts and plans. Some may call it being “Type A” but there is nothing wrong with keeping your space tidy and organized. It’s especially important to stay organized while working from home. You can easily get distracted and mix up home responsibilities with work responsibilities when not organized properly. However, if you are organized it should less difficult to differentiate between the two types of responsibilities. Here are some ways to stay organized in your home office: 

  1. Create a workflow 
  2. Purchase calendars and white boards to stay on top of important tasks 
  3. Create a filing system with paper organizers 
  4. Keep miscellaneous items organized in desk containers
  5. Clean and organize desk weekly to prevent desk clutter and chaos

Below, are cute feminine office stationary to jazz up your home office space:  

Get this planner here.

Spring is the best time to start anew with spring cleaning and organizing the spaces that we spend the most time. Check out all of the links to the office stationery and furniture to see what authentically matches your office vibe the most. 

In what ways do you plan to spruce up your home office space this season?

After you get your office together, here are some productivity tips for daily success.

For more ideas, please check out my Home Office Pinterest Board.

This post was all about home office ideas.

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