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Yesterday, I was a panelist at the awesome Brown Girls Love Power Day! The event was put together by my friend Christina, who is a digital influencer and powerhouse. She has a brand called Love Brown Sugar, which is a blog she started years ago. She has been putting together motivating and inspiring events for years. Brown Girls Love is an extension of her main brand, Love Brown Sugar. Last year, I attended her Brown Girls Love Power Day as a guest, and this year I was a speaker. Check me out on the marquee! That was what I was greeted with when I walked up – immediate hypeness!

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Here is a little information about the Brown Girls Love Brand….

Created to empower and inspire millennial women of color, the BrownGirlsLove brand (powered by the editors of LoveBrownSugar) will kick 2018 off with a special POWER Day on Saturday, January 6th. With the goal of providing tools and inspiration to young female professionals, BrownGirlsLove POWER Day provides an exclusive group of movers & shakers the opportunity to go above and beyond for the new year! The day conference features a combination of workshops and panel discussions about branding, finance, entrepreneurship, and self-care from young and powerful women who have mastered the art of building a brand.

From the moment I walked in the venue yesterday, I knew it was going to be awesome. There were vendors set up everywhere, refreshments, cool attractions from the main sponsor (Toyota) and people in line waiting to check in. I could tell there was so much that went into the behind the scenes for this event because every little detail was covered. I know first hand that events are no joke and involve so much time and effort.

The day was broken down into a series of panels – all with different topics and speakers.

10:45am was the Thriving Under 30 Panel

11.30am was the Confessions of a Mompreneur Panel (this is the panel I was on)

12:15pm LUNCH (we had Jamaican food for lunch and OMG so good)

1:15pm was the Your Voice, Your Way Panel

2:00pm was the Sweet Retreat (dessert bar)

2:15pm was the Be Your Own Brand workshop (sponsored by Toyota)

also at 2:15pm was the Let’s Go Places: From College to Career workshop

Each panel was inspiring – to see all of these young women all crushing it and doing whatever it takes to make their businesses pop. I got to meet so many women that are doing such great things! It is such a great feeling when people have been following you for years and run up to you saying how excited they were to meet you and want to take pictures with you. That is the shit! It makes you feel like everything you are doing is worth it and you are really making an impact.

Check out the BrownGirlsLove page to get more info on the panelists. Below are some pictures I got from the event…

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