Ever since I had my daughter, I haven’t really been a fan of plunge neck tops. After breast feeding, the girls were never really the same LOL! This neckline has grown on me as of late. Deep plunging necklines are surprisingly flattering on all bust sizes and the nice thing about being small chested is that it ends up looking more classy rather then sexy, which is totally fine with me!

How to Wear the Plunging Neckline Trend 

Wear it with a sticky bra:

If you want to add extra cleavage there are sticky bras (or chicken cutlets as some call them) that literally squeeze and lift up your boobs to make them more perky. If you’re bigger chested I recommend wearing breast petals instead but make sure your dress isn’t too thin or tight since sometimes the outline of the petals can show through.

Pair it with a dainty necklace and/or fashion-forward earrings:

It’s best to keep your chest bare, but if you must accessorize I recommend wearing a dainty necklace and going more fashion-forward with the earrings. The plunging neckline naturally elongates your figure so the last thing you want to do is interrupt that with a chunky necklace. Statement earrings though are a great way to stylize the look in a complimentary way and showcase your personal style.

Cinch your waist:

Most dresses with a deep plunging neckline come with a cinched waist or strap that you can tie and use as a belt. If it doesn’t, I recommend using a belt to cinch your waist. Cinching the waist helps create an hourglass figure and break up the space between your torso and legs. It’ll immediately make your body more flattering and feminine, two things every woman (and man) loves. The other great thing about utilizing a belt to cinch your waist is that it helps keep the dress in place, so there’s less room for nip slips.

Use fashion tape or double-sided tape:

There’s nothing worse then feeling uncomfortable in your outfit since it can disrupt your mood and confidence. Before you leave the house, move around in your outfit and turn to the side. Twerk in the mirror to make sure the outfit will stand the test of the night lol!

Check out some of these cute plunging neckline tops!

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