If you were to look in my closet, you would see a lot of nice items. I like to mix up my wardrobe with a lot of high and low ticket items. Because I know how to put things together, most times people can’t tell what I spent $7 on vs $700. I get my designer items direct from the store, but I know a lot of people might not be able to do that. I just learned of eBay Authenticated Luxury Handbag page. It’s a section only for authenticated luxury bags, so you always know that you’re buying real designer handbags for a reduced price. There are a lot of benefits from buying from there. Firstly, sustainability is so important to me, and buying used or secondhand bags is an eco-friendly way to shop. When we buy something that is pre-owned, we’re not supporting the endless manufacturing cycle. Secondly, many of the bags from are limited edition. Buying a limited edition bag ensures that you get something that not very many people have, so uniqueness is guaranteed. Lastly, all bags are 100% authentic designer items.

I’ve picked out my favorite under $500 handbags from eBay for you guys to choose from! Click on the photo to shop.

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