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I get so hype when its “wash day” and I get to braid her hair in a new style. The day before I do her hair, I really sit and think about how I will style her hair next. I’ve recently started braiding her hair up, because she has so much hair and it saves me a lot of time by not having to do her hair every morning. The braided styles are super cute BUT a sista needs these to last lol. Annnnnd the way toddlers sleep like they are in a ninja battle…BRUH! I had to find the solution or else these styles would look cute for 2 days at most!

Out of all of the head wraps I have tried on her, I like the durag satin scarf the best. That one fits around her head the best and ties tight enough to stay on but not too tight to cause her pain or leave marks. Most importantly… It. Stays. On. Here is a pic of the durag style satin scarf I mentioned. Click here to get more deets on it and to purchase.

She also has toddler bonnets and a scarf. The bonnet stays on nicely because it has an elastic band. When I put the bonnet on her, I think she feels it’s a game to SNATCH the bonnet off lol.  If I put it on her when she isn’t paying attention, it will stay on.


When I put the scarf on her, I wrap it a certain way so it will stay. A good reference I like to use is to start to tie it in the position that Tupac tied his bandana.

Start at the back, tie it up front and then take the two ends and tie them at the back of her head close to the neck. I tuck the loose hanging ends in the side to also hold the scarf in place. Depending on how your child sleeps and the softness of your scarf material, this should hold it on good.



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  1. Kelly Gaines
    / 10:34 pm

    I need to step my braid game up because the way my daughters hair styles are set up lmaoooo

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