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We all wish we could hit the pause button on Saturday night or maybe start turning back the clock when Sunday afternoon comes. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping Mondays, but there are definitely ways you can do to make your Mondays much brighter. I love to use my Sunday to prep and set the tone for my week. 

Here are a few things you can do on Sunday to help make sure that you have great Mondays:

Review your calendar & schedule for the week. There’s nothing worse than forgetting about a meeting and showing up unprepared, so take a quick peek at what’s coming up this week. I am a major planner and have EVERYTHING in my calendar. I use alerts on my calendar and set multiple alarms throughout the day to remind me to get things done.

Schedule tasks and projects throughout the week. Make sure they’re spread out and manageable, instead of added in at the last minute.

Plan out 3 steps that will help you with a side project. If you have a side hustle or hobby you’re passionate about, dedicate time in your calendar to work on it.

Here are some amazing products that I love that will make your Sunday brighter:

Wash your makeup brushes. Who else always puts this off until the last minute? Those things get nasty and can end up clogging your pores. Castile soap helps get out any stubborn makeup.

Take a walk. Going for a walk is one of my favorite ways to clear my head before the start of a new week.

Plan out your meals and cook a nice home cooked meal. 

Pamper yourself. Slap on a face mask, run a bath, and light your favorite candle. I love doing my facial spa routine on Sundays! We are major tea drinkers in our home, so I love to make a good pot of tea.

Tidy up and organize your home. You will feel much better when your space is clean, I know I do.

Plan something fun for yourself. A dinner date, fitness class, movie night, picnic, etc. Get yourself excited about something!

Take a break. Do absolutely nothing for 10 minutes. Savor the stillness before the busy week begins. Meditate, be mindful and relax.

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