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We’ve all said it and we definitely heard it. “(Insert year here) is going to be MY year!” Not knowing what the year holds can be scary. We can take comfort in the idea that the calendar year and January 1st are rather arbitrary. In fact, it’s vital that we take this year to celebrate what we’ve accomplished and compile our gratitude, striving for better in the coming year. It’s the most exciting time to create goals, small and large, that will gradually shift the quality of our lives.

Here are some ways to start your 2022 being mindful:

Go on walks to exercise
There’s a whole bunch of mental and physical benefits from getting those steps in, even if it’s just a walk around the block. My mom, my daughters and I always take walks. We talk and laugh and have a good ol’ time.

Journal a few minutes every day
Journaling has been proven to boost the mood, increase awareness and mindfulness, reduce anxiety, boost productivity, and help us manifest, heal, and gain perspective. All it takes is a few minutes a day.

Make a Major Move
In 2022, take a damn chance on whatever you’ve been dreaming about. Quit the job you’ve been complaining about for the past year. Go on that last-minute date. Plan an impromptu road trip with your friends. You get the idea. Life’s too short not to live in full happiness even if that means taking risky (career and personal) chances along the way. 

Update your bedding 
If you’re looking for even more ways to feel like a princess, silk bedding is it. But it’s not just for the glamorous high-shine. Silk is naturally antimicrobial, making it amazing for breakout-prone skin, and the smooth texture keeps hair soft and manageable while minimizing frizz.

Exercise More
Raising your body temp detoxes the body and burns major calories. If you can, set aside at least one day a week to get an inside-out infrared sweat session on in a sauna or otherwise. 

Clean your air
Climate news may be devastating, but that means that we have to make the most of our space here on planet Earth. Getting an air purifier for your home will cut down on toxins and airborne pathogens so you can feel safest where you rest your head, and breathe easy. I have a Molekule and we love it.

Hydrate better
Be sure to get an effective water filtration system, but also be sure to get minerals and electrolytes—most are leached out of tap water and filtered water. Make hydrating feel fancy and fun with additives, like these Kombucha tablets.

Boost collagen
Collagen production slows with age, but we can stay on top of it by encouraging our skin to produce more with regular exfoliation.

Schedule self-care dates with friends and family
Social time doesn’t always have to mean bars and expensive nights out. Carve out time to schedule self-care dates with friends and family, whether that’s a DIY pedicure night, face masks, cooking dinner together, journaling sessions, or a movie in. 

Eat more fiber
Did you know the recommended fiber intake per day is 21-25 grams? For the record, that’s kind of a lot, so even the cleanest of eaters may not be getting enough. Stop thinking so much about counting calories, and start counting your fiber grams, and maybe even try adding a fiber supplement to your smoothies or morning water. It’s prebiotic food for essential gut microbiota, and the difference will manifest in your energy levels, skin, immunity and more.

Be the softest you’ve ever been
Set aside a day or two a week to give your body a total scrub-down in the shower. These affordable gloves are a major game changer.

Up your oral care game
Brushing and flossing are non-negotiables (seriously, please floss every day), but oil pulling and tongue scraping are huge contenders for keeping harmful bacteria and odors at bay. Don’t be that person in 2022 that still doesn’t brush correctly.

Read, don’t scroll to sleep
It’s tempting to get that dose of the gram while lying in bed turning your brain off, but it actually does the opposite. It can up level cortisol and making you anxious and restless, and we all know about the dangers of extended blue light usage. Opt for a book to engage your mind, take it off your daily tasks, and lull you into some quality rest.

How did you start your 2022?!

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