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Women have definitely been dominating lately. Whether it be in politics, the arts, medicine, or education – we are killing it! However, women cannot be a true unfu*kwitable force until we can all unite and begin to uplift one another. I have noticed more times than I can count, women holding back other women from being great. I have witnessed backstabbing or the sting of a woman’s spiteful comment or even workplace sabotage and its terrible. It starts at such a young age now with younger women we call, “mean girls”. These “mean girls” will spread vicious rumors throughout school that will ruin a girls reputation at such a young age, which in turn can kill her confidence. These “mean girls” grow up to be evil women. I’m sure we all have been the victim of the “mean girls” I mentioned at one time in our life.  Women will talk about you and spread lies if they feel threatened or jealous.  My grandmother always said, “If they are talking about you, you are doing something right!”

There is a Wonder Woman inside all of us!

-Diane Von Furstenberg

Here are a few ways to unleash our inner Wonder Woman…

  • Be the best you that you can be with out blocking anyone else’s blessing. If you know some information that may help another woman, share it.
  • Have a zero tolerance stance if you are ever around toxic people. Don’t join in.
  • Be wise with your words. Be kind to other women. Compliment other women. You don’t have to tear other women down to build yourself up
  • Don’t feed into the media that glorifies women being mean or “petty” towards other women
  • Applaud other women success stories.  Jealousy is when you count someone else’s blessings instead of yours. Just because one woman is winning, doesn’t mean you are losing.

I am all for women empowerment and helping anyone in anyway I can.  There is no reason we can’t help each other win! When we hold one woman back, we hold all women back.  When we empower one another, we are empowering us all.  I believe the main reason for women not applauding other women, is that they are unhappy with themselves.  We all know, unhappy people are dangerous. It costs nothing to tell a woman she looks nice, or you like her hair, or she is killing it professionally.

Come on, women! Lets get it together.  Women are so much better than this.  This week, try and unleash your inner Wonder Woman 😉

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