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I love to see a stylish mommy and baby duo! A friend of mine tagged me to an instagram page with super cute fashion looks plus mommy and mini fashion inspiration that I LOVE.  You can see more on their instagram page, @Stylistbyair by clicking here.  I included two of the looks below. I have put the links of where you can purchase some of the items below the look. @StylistByAir agreed to continue to make mommy and mini looks for us! Along with the weekly Hot Mom if the Week feature, you can now look forward to some hot Mommy and Mini swag.


PS – You can purchase a “mommy” necklace like you see in the second picture on my site, MELANIE MARIE.

The baby outfit is from H&M

The baby outfit is from ShopBabyJojo.com

The shoes are from Jordan.com

The purse is from Burberry.com

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