Moms have so much on their plate that shopping for new cute work clothes can make it to the end of the to do list at times.  There are some great pieces you can invest in that can be remixed to make multiple outfits. I have compiled a list of some must have business items for the fashionable 9 to 5 mama. These pieces are stylish but will still let your co-workers know that you didn’t come to play and you mean business. As my grandmother would say, these items are “sharppppppp”.

Look through the items and see what you think! 😉 Hope this can help a mama out!

  1. The Silk Blouse
  2. The Layering Sweater
  3. The Ankle Pant
  4. The Pencil Skirt
  5. The Modern Sheath
  6. The Power Suit
  7. The Sophisticated Flats
  8. The Signature Bag


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